Sunday, March 8, 2009

Don't tell my mom, but I fell in love.

Yesterday it was beautiful out. Felt like the first day of real-spring-like weather we've had. It was the first break from the ugly winter. It was wonderful. I took it as an opportunity to take down the old snowman garden flag and finally liven up the front of my house again so when I pull into the driveway I can smile a little. It took everything within me to wait until this day, because weeks ago I wanted to do this. However, with the big snow storm we had only 6 days ago, that would have been p r e t t y embarrassing to have my "Welcome Spring" flag dangling just barely above 7 inches of snow, huh? Yea. It was a good thing I waited.

I went through and pulled out weeds in my garden and trimmed back the old dead leaves on some plants. When I was moving around the mulch I saw some little green buds of plants starting to grow! I couldn't believe my excitement. First of all, it had just snowed 7 inches, melted, and somehow this little dude began to grow despite all this turmoil, and SECOND of all...WHY am I excited over this sort of thing?! My mother has always been a green thumb...loved her gardens and this was definitely passed on to her from her mom. As a kid, I was interested. I got very dis-interested however in my teen and young adult years. Now that I have my own tiny little pathetic garden, I'm in love. Whats wrong with me? I guess it's about being my own garden. I love it. I'm so odd. Don't tell my mom, she won't believe it (and she might just force me to help with hers...and her gardens are endless!)

Onto the rest of my spring'ing up the house...

A few weeks ago Declan saw this cute little stake sign that said "Welcome" and has flowers and bugs on it. I also liked it, and we bought it. It sat in our garage for a while, and secretly I wanted to put it outside in my snowy garden for all to see. But again...the embarrassment thing. So, I waited until yesterday. It looks perfect! My "Welcome Spring" flag is now proudly blowing in the wind (and it is REALLY windy down our street) displaying tulips and daisies. I have some flower arrangements that are indestructable (thank you silk, you do not die on me!) for this time of year when it's still too unpredictable. Until the weather is a bit more sturdy, I refuse to purchase and plant too many flowers in my clay-like soil that stinks for thriving (thank you new construction!). My door has a very cute rod-iron painted flower wreath hanging on it and it was only $3.99 at ChristmasTreeShops. It looks pretty complete, and we're the first on our row to Spring up the house. You know how I feel about a little friendly, neighborly, competition. ;) Kidding!

If it snows again...I'll just die.

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