Saturday, March 14, 2009

Inspiration, inspiration Everywhere!

On my other blog I talked about how I went over to Sarah's house last night for some creative-fun. I did not only have fun, but I was inspired again. I was feeling stagnant about things to do around the house, and almost incompetent. But I think I just needed some re-freshing, and I totally got it. So, thanks Sarah :) She also allowed me to use some of her wonderfully original ideas. She gave me permission, I promise!

So, I decided to finally make my long-overdue jewelry board. My husband will be ecstatic becuase it will all finally have a PLACE and not all over the counter! I am also always making these bad-boys for friends and family, but don't even have my own. I'm glad I waited, because I decided to use the same idea as Sarah has in her bathroom. I bought four 8x10 cheap-o frames from ChristmasTreeShops for 4.99 each. I bought some thicker material from JoAnns, and some pearl-looking pins. Here is what it looked like without jewelry:

and BAM....add some jewelry!
Did I mention when I tore the picture frames apart they came with an added bonus?! They had a matte frame inside. So, again...Sarah gave me this great idea to add fabric to them and create a rustic looking frame(s). I had extra fabric...which is perfect. So, look at how nice this looks above our toilet.Also, check out how fabulous this all works with our shower curtain:

And for an added bonus...I am trying something new for my house. Adding these sweet little birds painted above the light switches. I just did one for now, but I'm loving it. Sarah had this in her house, and I told her I might want to try it. She gave me the go ahead. Isn't she sweet? He's painted in the same tan color as the kitchen and stairwell surrounding.

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  1. Katie, everything looks fabulous!!! (You have a great jewelry collection there going for you ;-) Glad to have been a help to your inspiration ;-) I really enjoyed having someone to be creative with last night...