Friday, March 20, 2009

Let's get back to the hustle and bustle

So, I've had a bit of an easy week at school this past week. Too easy. In fact, it kinda drove me crazy it was so easy. Let me explain. There is a wonderful group of volunteers who come in that have a program where they teach the kids about art history. They have been doing this in my district for 25 years, so naturally, it wouldn't stop with me. In fact, I love the idea of this program. I really believe in the value of art-history, and the fact it takes their little minds outside of the box to think about the artwork. I try to incorporate as much art history as I can. It's GOOD for them. The program approached me in the beginning of the year telling me about this tradition, and that they teach an entire 6 day cycle for me, filling the students little minds up with lots of art history knowledge. At that time, I was like, "OF course!" The thought of a break sounded fantastic to me.

Well, we are into the 6th (and last) day of this and I'm ready to teach again. Don't get me wrong, they did a fantastic job, and I did keep myself "busy" in the back of the room or at my desk as best possible without causing a ruckus. But, I want my kids back, I want my class back, I want to teach again. I want to move on and get rolling to get our art show projects finished. It's almost April and at the beginning of MAY are my shows. (oh gosh!) I only will see these kiddos 3 more times before that, and we will have some cramming to do.

I also didn't realize how difficult it can be to see someone else teaching your class. I'm suprised I felt that way. I guess it'd be the same as if I had a student teacher in a way.

I think that being in the back of the room has made me realize how much I miss that everyday interaction with my students, and that I thrive off of the hustle and bustle of my normal day.

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