Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our will is definitely off the radar.

The last few months we've been looking for a car for Declan. He's always been that sweet guy who drives around a Neon, not caring that it's not exactly the coolest thing on 4 wheels. He's been content and blessed with what he has. To be honest, Declan doesn't even drive that much! We are so lucky, because his work place is literally next door. Walking isn't much of an option until the sidewalks go in, however, because right now it'd be like walking in a sea of muck and pricklie's. So, even as we've looked at cars...we knew it was for us. For the weekends, for our dates, for the better-on-gas then my SUV, for the fun, for the quick little whip. We went out the other night to a Mazda dealer to inquire about leasing. We didn't know if it would be a better option, or not. Turns out, its just a better buying market, and it does truly make more sense. We almost left feeling a little disappointed to find that we couldn't afford what we wanted....the nice, luxurious feeling car we had expected. Everything else we'd test-drove (mainly Mazda3's), I couldn't help but feel as if I were sitting in the Neon. That doesn't feel the slightest bit romantic or fun. Did I mention that we had our heart set on a Mazda3? We felt that no other car could compare. It was cute on the outside and looked young and sporty. The Mazda6 is a higher grade car, but we had convinced ourselves we hated it. We had convinced ourselves it was definitely something we would NOT be looking into.

On the way out the door the manager said, "Hey---I have this really amazing Mazda6..." Mine and Declans ears shut off. We don't want that car, helllloooooo!?! But, we continued walking out towards the lot. He's explaining to us that its a few years old, but it's in awesome condition ("executive" as he referred to it) and has low mileage. He also tells us it's leather (one of our must-have's on this new car) and has the Bose speaker system, etc. We go out to the car, sit in it...and instantly fall in love. Declan drove it and it had a completely different feel then the Mazda3. It felt luxurious, comfortable, spacious (in the back seat, too!), clung to the road, and powerful (v6, yea!). Declan had a change in his demeanor, so did I.

We couldn't get that car off our mind. It was everything we had really wanted, but didn't know exactly. It's great, and perfect for all the reasons it should be for us.

We worked up a nice deal, and even got 4 brand new tires on the car...and we're picking it up tonight! It is SO funny how the Lord always wham-bam's us with what we're really looking for. Just like I had sworn to never drive a Ford in all my life....the perfect car for me was the Ford Escape---but it had to practically be thrown in my face. I'm just glad we both aren't stubborn enough to insist on our original will. God's will is always best.

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