Monday, March 2, 2009

A simpler life

Today I caught a glimpse of was about living a simpler life. So many of us are consumed and driven by things. What more can we get for ourselves? What better can we eat for dinner? It was also about being wasteful. When throwing out the un-used sour cream now-gone-bad, asking yourself...WHY didn't we use it? Was it because the meal it was to be used on was replaced with a dinner out? They also challenged you to think of that as throwing out a dollar bill. Would you throw out a dollar bill?'d use it. Now, don't get me wrong....I am NOT talking about eating bad sour cream, here. I am talking about living a simpler life.

I am more convicted then anyone on this subject. TRUST ME. I am the one who throws out an entire un-used loaf of bread-gone bad. Oh, and the sour cream? That was me...just two days ago. Going out to dinner...LOVE it. Using the computer...undeniable. Watching's my relaxation tool. So, living a simpler life is not exactly an easy thing...but, should be simple, right?

I think that living a simpler life for me might have to be taken one step at a time. I can plan out our week's meals better, for instance. We can eat out less. I can sit down every night with my husband and really talk about our day. We can buy what we need at the grocery store...not what I think we may need or want. I am convicted on my wastefulness....and I don't want to contribute to that. It makes me feel horrible.

Anyway, all of this was for me. For me to take a little step to a simpler kind of life. I'm an ordinary kind of girl, but not a simple girl. So, this isn't exactly my thing. But, we all have to start somewhere, right?

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