Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm trucking through my masters program. I just signed up for three more classes that I'll be taking between May 2nd and August 7th. I am so glad they'll be finished before we go on vacation this I can just relax. Ahhh. I'll be getting a good raise for being halfway done my masters, too. Two cheers for that.

Beyond happy that the last arsonist in Coatesville was caught. Just sad and ashamed it was a PAID firefighter (Captain, even).

I got a cavity put in on Friday, and if you know me-I DREAD the dentist. Well, to my luck, their "curing" laser/gun thing-a-ma-bob wasn't working, and it fell out. So, lucky me had to return yesterday to get it re-filled. My mouth is still sort of sore and feeling 'ugh' from being beaten on twice. Not to mention, when I was numb, I bit my tongue. Awesome.

This is testing week at school and we have all half-days. Actually, the students get half days and we get to stay and have meetings and conferences. I'll be there until 8pm tomorrow evening (oh joy). I haven't had a normal art class in weeeeeks and I miss my kids.

We had a really wonderful time on Sunday afternoon having "extended family dinner" with Declan's side at his cousins house. It was beautiful out, peaceful, relaxing and a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It ended with Rita's Waterice which made it sweeter.

I haven't vacuumed my carpets in weeeeeks. I have no excuse other then being busy. It is pathetic and every time I walk up the steps I think about it. But, I get upstairs and start doing school work and email-checking, and then its dinner time---and basically the night is gone after that. Wow, just wait until I have kids.

I've lately had this feeling of being behind in everything. I really hate that feeling. I am so looking forward to June 5. Roughly TWO MONTHS and school is out for THREE months!!! I cannot, cannot, cannot WAIT.

Declan's new car is great. We love it. It's such a fun little get-around mobile. We feel blessed. BUT, we are still trying to sell is old car. We are selling it cheap...have had a few potential buyers but nothing has worked out yet. We need something to happen asap. So, if you know anyone in need of a car--send them my way :)

My best friend of 17 years, who, no longer is that due to a 'series of misfortunate events' (as Declan puts it) got married on Friday. I was not a part of it at all, not even invited. I'm not suprised, it just sucks that not even two years ago she was an important part in MY wedding. Thanks to wonderful photographs, I'll forever have to remember that. It still kind of stings.

Declan is FINALLY getting better. He was sick for 10 days. I am so tired of the hacking and the groggy voice, and so is he. I must say though, that I am not feeling all that great myself today. I am praying against that nasty sickness. Don't want it, no no no no.

Since all of the 'sickness' we watched a hand-full of movies over the weekend:
Secret Life of Bees (ahh, SO it, now.)
Lakeview Terrace (kind of psycho, but decent...)
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (Bought it. Very, very, very good. Get it now, or borrow mine!)

I had to wear a heavy winter jacket today it was so cold. This is not how it should be.

I still hate cooking dinner.

That is all for now.

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