Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Compliment Class

There's always least one...every year. I call them, the compliment class. They are full of really nice things to say all the time, they shower me with notes, pictures, and "pass around and sign it" cards that say, "You Rock, You're the BEST!" They make my head big. But, don't worry, because with all that goodness has come a bit of sour lately. I've had my first few tell me bluntly that they 'don't like art because I make them work' (versus last year, when it was 'free draw' all day, all the time). Oh, poor kiddos. Life is hard.

Like one of my colleagues said to me yesterday, "Out of 900 kids, there's always gonna be a few". So, I can't let it defeat me.

It's classes like the one I had today that make me realize why I love what I do and overshadow those other whiners.

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