Friday, April 17, 2009

A fun way to spring up your home

On the Monday after my birthday (April 5) I was surprised with some lovely fresh flowers sent to me from our friends Chrissy and Phil. I snapped a quick picture with my phone that day, and here is what they looked like:
They sat on my island bringing life to my kitchen for almost two weeks! It was great. I kept them watered and looking lovely. Last night I started looking more into them, and realized I could probably split them up into a few different vases and bring some life to different areas of my house. As I started pulling the flowers out of the little foam block, I snipped the ends of them just a bit so they could soak up fresh water and live a little longer.

I got out some vases, and started picking and plucking and tugging and arranging these flowers to make beautiful little bouquets.

Out of one lovely gift...I got THREE gifts. It was awesome. I got out my new camera and decided to show you.
So, that's that. My spring post on this lovely day. Although the bouquets given to us by friends are family are lovely...possibly after a few weeks you can split them up and spread the love? It worked for me.

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