Saturday, April 4, 2009

The perfect birthday.....wait....what?!

My birthday is tomorrow, but I feel like it's already occurred. Probably because I have the best family and husband around. Yea, that must be it. :)

Last night my family took us all out in celebration to a brand new restaurant, only had been open for two days, and it's called FireCreek. It was trendy, amazing, yummy, delectable, classy and modern. They had FREE alcohol in honor of the grand opening, too. Come on, people...W-O-W. The company was great (I love my family), but so were the gifts. My sister-in-law is the domestic diva I long to be. She was sweet enough to give me a cookbook she put together herself of all her favorite recipes. I am SO excited because I have wanted this for a while, and well, it will just help me on my path to domestic diva-ness. My parents bought me the Flip video camera!!! Like, oh-my-gosh. I seriously wanted this so bad, and am looking forward to playing with it. It's the smallest and coolest little video camera ever that simply connects right into your computer with a USB that comes right out of the camera. Its sweet. I am in love. They also got me the mini tripod and case. I can't thank them enough...I love it and feel so blessed.

This morning/afternoon I got to spend some time with my sister, which is always a good time, and time I value so much. She took me out to some places shopping, and treated me to all sorts of cool things. I got sandals, a rad necklace, new undie's (oolala!), yummy lunch, and an excellent upgraded Pedicure. Ahhh, I was spoiled today for sure. We went to the mall and I bought myself a few new things, as, well...a present to myself. Ha. I also am THRILLED because I found the shoes for Jennie's wedding where I'm a bridesmaid in June. They go with a bright green J. Crew dress. Very cute, and exactly what she wanted:

When I got home from my day of pampering, I was welcomed by this sight:
Since my 17th birthday Declan has always given me the number of balloons that matches my age. Every year, I ask him..."When will this stop?! What are you gonna do when I turn 52...or 70!?" What can I say...he is a man of tradition. I also have to say, that the winds around here have been TERRIBLE. So, he decided this year to purchase a small helium tank and blow them up in the convenience of our home, as to not fight the wind with ::cough:: 24 ::cough:: balloons. I think that was cute. Let me also say, that in the past, they used to all be mylar. I am glad we have added latex to the mix. They die quicker. (Did I just say that?!)

Look closer in that photo and you'll see these little gems:
The card says, "To my Incredible Wife!!!" He is the cutest thing. Inside that little package was one of my favorite movies of the year...Slumdog Millionaire. The card was sweet as can be.

I was also welcomed by the cleanest-house-EVER. Check it out.
Want to see a sparkly, shiny, clean as a whistle kitchen?! He is the BEST at kitchens. I am willing to rent him out for the low price of $29.99/hr.
After all this, Declan took me out a wonderful dinner at our favorite mom-pop Italian restaurant. It was the perfect birthday, birthday hasn't even happened yet.

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