Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is almost becoming a food blog, but no no my dear friends, it's to show you I'm on the path and I'm trucking right along...

6 Layer Dip (but hmm...seems like a lot more then 6!?)

-refried beans
-cheddar and monterey jack cheese
-ground beef
-sour cream
-more cheddar and monterey jack cheese
-chopped lettuce (I added this at me go! not following the recipe and all. wow, I am impressing myself)
-diced tomatoes

-green onions

...and the most important part. Scoops.

So how many domestic diva points for this one? Please vote in the comment section. Ciao!

**and i promise...i will not always take pictures of the food i make, but, geeez there needs to be some proof i'm making progress, right?**

1 comment:

  1. i'll give it 2 points... you probably would have gotten 3 if i got to taste it. haha!

    and i LOVE the pictures... keeps all of us a-d-d minds interested. :)