Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm so blogless, the equivalent of being 'lifeless', but...blogless. I've got nothing major to post on because things are just mediocre. My students aren't saying anything particularly funny these days (pshh whats up with that?!), nothing new has really happened in my house, the puppy is doing fine, but nothing new there. I haven't felt blogspired lately (think: inspired), which is so rare. There used to be many times throughout my day that I'd think, Dang...I should blog about that. Nope. None of that lately.

So, instead of posting on things I'm inspired by...I'll post about things around my house I need to do, but am feeling completely uninspired to take care of. Or...lazy? Either way. I'm obviously avoiding taking care of them because I'm taking freaking pictures of them instead of dealing with them. I'm awesome, I know. And negative 5 points for me on my road to domestic diva.

My uninspired list of to-do's to possibly gain inspiration to take care of:

clean up the boxes from my birthday (helloooo april 5th), that are stashed behind the couch needing dealt with...mac is SO tired of dropping his bone in there and having to dig it out, I mean...I am tired of this.

put away the random things that are acculmulating on my banister...a dirty dish towel, a jump-rope4-heart t-shirt, and...socks?! Oh Lord help me.

Unload that stinkin' dishwasher!

hem the curtains that are 4590 feet too long...okay, about 1 ft. But, we've lived here a year in July. I am officially a SLACKER. Normally I'd tuck them under so it's harder to tell, but thanks to the lovely weather and the windows being open, you are privy the 'wind-blown' look.
write "return to sender" on the 4 envelopes that came to our address with all different names on them and walk them to the mailbox. Fyi: I am so sick of the "DEED SERVICE"...die, die, die.
This is the official sign that I have failed. I put up a picture frame with NO pictures in it. This is not like me, for anyone who knows, I have officially 'lost it'.
Note to self: Print some wedding pictures for goodness sake!

Now that I've realized what a slacker I've been, I may have just inspired myself to go take care of these things. A-ma-zing.

Better run before it escapes me.

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