Saturday, April 25, 2009

We had a dream...

to create a beautiful flower bed and extend the current sad and quite pathetic one that was currently there, and create a spectacular little landscape. Curb appeal. Yea, that.

1 trip to Wal-mart garden center, 2 trips to the local Amish market for flowers/soil/mulch, 1 trip to Wawa for lunch, 2 very willing people, and 5 hours later....we did it. Our blackened fingernails, sun burned backs, and sore knees (ow...raw) prove we did it.

It was much harder then it looked, because it involved shoveling up a LOT of grass, and wow...that's much harder then it looks...tilling the soil (errr...I mean, CLAY), and mixing in some top soil to make a better habitat for our little flower friends. Then, the laying out of the plants in exactly the perfect place, and of course, digging a little hole for each plant, watering the hole, then poking and prodding it in just right. The next step was the black mulch we added on top. The final touch was our rock-border which we find super fab.

Want some pictures?

Here's our very drab BEFORE picture:
(anyone want a holly bush?!)

and VOILA!!!
(just wait till it all starts growing and multiplying!)
...and to enlarge know you want to.

Oh and please note, to the left of the door is our "garden", with tomato plants and strawberry plants. We'll see how it works out, but I'm excited...because I LOVE tomatoes.

Mac was a real trooper, and was out there all day with us...but the sun pooped him out, and we caught him trying to find shade wherever he could.
And a little shout out to my main man for being so AWESOME and loving doing this kind of stuff with me:

What do ya think?


  1. Pretty!! :) Good job! I love the rock border!

  2. Love it! I can't wait until I have a house to landscape! Actually, I can't wait until I have a house that doesn't need any landscaping at all ;) Haha! :)

  3. It looks great! I now what you mean about the sore knees. Mine were aching for a while!

  4. Beautiful! You sure do have a green thumb like your ma-ma! Good job, love!