Saturday, May 16, 2009

clean me! clean me!

Today is already written off as, "get nothing done" day. Declan is away for work this weekend. I woke up early today,'s true. But, instead of being inspired to tackle the whole put away the laundry bit, I felt inspired to head to Kohl's. While there, I got a call from my sister that their carwash fundraiser had been called off due to not so great weather. She proceeded to meet me for my favorite meal of the day....breakfast. I could not deny it, so I met her and my little brother at the diner (he treated!). After going to the diner, I had to go back to Kohl's because my shopping trip was kindly interrupted. (Breakfast is ALWAYS welcome.)

So, after my trip to Kohls and gathering a few good finds (new pair of jeans, new pair of jean capris, a cute zip up hoodie, a shirt to wear to the bridal shower today, and a necklace...all on sale I might add)...I headed home.

I'm here now, and have to leave for the shower in twenty minutes or so. My house is calling...begging, screaming for some TLC. My hardwood foyer entrance needs to be scrubbed down like whoa. From all the basement 'dust', it got a nice coating that makes my entrance look apalling. That laundry I talked about previous? Yea. That too. My bedroom floor is longing to be seen again. My closet is begging for it's belongings back. My entire house must be dusted (again, due to the basement dust). My basement needs to get finished (tv mounted/cable hooked up, etc), because Declan promised we'd be watching the finale of American Idol down there on our new BATV. **really quick sidenote: please, for Kris Allen this week. My life depends on it, your life depends on my ears, your ears from the shrieking voice of Adam Lambert (who also kisses boys). Come on, do we really want that as our American Idol? Besides, Kris just rocks.
After the shower, Kesh and the girls and I are headed to meet our hubby's and the rest of the gang for dinner in Harrisburg. This day is truly packed, and I obviously can't get anything done ;) (as I'm sitting here blogging instead)

So anyway, that is my to-do list. I will be staying home from church tomorrow morning to tackle those things and also work on two major projects haunting me for my grad classes. Once all those things are finished, I am hoping to welcome my sweetie home with open arms and clean hardwood floor.

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