Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fairies Vs. God

This is a conversation I overheard while my 3rd graders were working away on their art projects this morning. Fairies and God. It peaked my interest, but I knew I needed to just listen, and not chime in. I was very interested to hear the one boy defend his faith for God to the little girl, who believes in Fairies. He used all sorts of comments, like…”You can’t believe in any thing you don’t see, ONLY GOD…which proves that Fairies aren’t real!!”….and “Do you know where the word FAIRY comes from? The word FAIRY TALE, which means…MADE UP!” He also said, “Tinker bell isn’t real and she’s a fairy!” He was pulling out every tricky comment he could to get her to see his way. She wouldn’t. She simply said very calmly, “Well, I just believe in Fairies”.

He goes, “Where’d you see somethin’ about it?! You TUBE?!!!” Which made me chuckle a bit. Technology age, whoa.

This conversation hit my spirit. I hear many other students throughout a day debate what they believe. In the younger grades, it’s as simple as, “What Church do you go to?”. They don’t quite touch on “God” or “Jesus” yet (well, only around Christmas). It breaks my heart when I hear one of them say, “We don’t go to church because my parents don't. But I want too.”

I believe that every child does have this desire to learn about Jesus, but it just depends on whether the seed is watered or cared for, or left out to dry and wilt away.

It’s in the hearts and minds of many of my students. I just pray that somehow, someway, I can be a little shining light of hope to them. Although I can say nothing unless asked, I will keep my mouth shut and pray, and lead by example.

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