Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday's are supposed to be easy

I woke up this morning and was THRILLED it was Friday. THRILLED it was FIELD DAY. THRILLED that I had some of my 1st graders on a field trip. See a theme?

I was generally happy about the end of the week and the activities at school today that made it that-much-nicer. Or so I thought.

Field day was fun and I was lucky enough to be part of the "Tug-O-War" leadership team. haha. I cheered on over 50 games (SERIOUSLY) of tug-o-war, running along side of them, leaning over, shouting, "Pull! Pull! Walk this way! Dig your heals in! Don't go forward! You can do this!" I also joined in a game that was mega-intense, involving 4th graders...and well, you know that horrible lower back of mine? Yea. It reared its ugly head, and needless to say...OW. I didn't really realize it until later just how bad it was. My sun-kissed cheeks will also prove my loyalty. I was out there for 2 1/2 hours with the kids.

I had to teach Kindergarten today...which means I had to RUSH over to the other school, heat up my lunch, and then literally meet the kinders at my door (err..busting down my door). I started to feel the intensity of today. We are handing out all artwork from the year, and during our short 25 minute class (we split them in half b/c Kindergarten for 45 minutes straight..oh_my_gosh) we weren't able to get all of the papers handed out. The frustration of the kids not being able to help me hand out the papers (because, duh...they can't read the names too well) started welling up in me. My throat was already hurting from all that tug-o-war cheering, and now I have to read a bajillion names over and over again to hand out papers?! Ah. The frustration set in.

The 25 minutes was up, and now it was time to swap Kindergarten classes with Health class. The health/gym teacher was over at Field day at the other school, hence a substitute. Well, the sub didn't get the chance to read the plans which meant she didn't realize she had to switch with me, so she just took her kids outside to the playground. Now, picture me....confused...roaming the school....with 27 kindergarteners following behind me. Not walking....but jumping. Hopping. Skipping. Singing. Sliding down the walls. Twirling. You name it. (don't you know...they don't walk)

Finally, I realize..."They're outside! Okay. I'll just go out there with my kids, too." I did just that. For 10 minutes, I just let them run rampid all over the playground. Screaming and Playing. (Why must kids scream when they play?) Which meant that I wasn't able to get those kids their artwork back. Feeling a bit more stress.

Can I mention something? During all back is throbbing...I'm realizing its hard to walk quite as well. I hurt. ow.

So finally I let them go. The kids left...(i ran to get a cough drop...ow...throat) and thank God my 2nd graders showed up. The leap from kindergarten to 2nd grade is huuuuge and I could hug every one of my 2nd graders after seeing Kindergarten. Seriously. They are independent, and they listen to me. The formula for a happy teacher. I thought I was home-free for the day. My 2nd graders came in and I was starting to teach, and I hear one of the kids shout..."Mrs. (Principal) is at the door!".

Wow. Are you kidding meeee......nooooo. Not today. She was doing a surprise observation. TODAY! of all days. I was frazzled. Wearing my field-day clothes. Exhausted. Could barely stand due to the back condition. Throat...ugh. Aweeeesommeeeeee.

The good news is? Being caught off guard wasn't that bad of a thing...I wasn't able to get too worked up beforehand. Also, it went shockingly well, and she showered me with compliments. It worked out. But? Stressful to say the least.

Now. I was thrilled to have gotten my next period off due to the 1st grade field trip to the zoo. But then, the last class showed up, which was fine. I expected that. But, not only did the last class show up, but that one I missed? Yea. They came too. WHAT?!? I know. They thought it was "okay" to just bring their kids to special since they missed it due to the field trip. I think not.

It brought about a lot of 'mini' drama, because? What am I? Chopped liver? I felt taken advantage of. The bottom line is, it was all a misunderstanding and poor communication.

It was just a big ball of stressful events piled on top of one another. But? Want more good news? (since this was such a debbie-downer post) It's a 3 day weekend. Hallelujah Memorial Day!


  1. Wow! I remember crazy days like that. And the surprise observation...ugh. I've had that, too. But you're right, it is nice to avoid the stress leading up to it.

    Have a relaxing Memorial Day!

  2. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog from my friend Justine's blog and love reading about your teaching adventures! i'm going to school to be a special ed. teacher, so i really appreciate these stories ;) also, a few posts back - is that your dog, the yorkie? ADORABLE!