Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Boy!

On May 15th my sweet Mac boy turned 1. I know, I know...this is totally late....and I'm such a bad mother (I promise to be better with my children), but you all know how busy I've been lately. Needless to say, the birthday post is's happening.

In the last year Mac has:
-become an important part of our new home and lives
-learned to go potty only outside (yay!)
-learned that his nylabone and any other 'fake' hard bone is his favorite thing to chew and play with

-realized his favorite spot is laying on the top of the sofa, smooshing all my pillows down (permanently have dents now, thanks Mackie)
-taken up another favorite spot, which puts his bottom on my shoulder while I'm sitting on the couch, and then I (lucky me) can rest my head on his back. (Quite comfy, and happening RIGHT THIS SECOND...great timing)
-learned to roll over (and often mixes this up with lay down, and sit if there is a treat in hand)

-chewed the corner of my molding in my kitchen..(grr)
-realized he LOVES walks (but pulls me way too hard...note to self: work on this)
-learned how to power jump. That boy can jump SO stinking high, and spin at the same time.

-gotten to play with his cousin, Chase a lot and loves him.
-learned to be gentle with babies and toddlers
-learned that stuffed animals are only good for their stuffing (hence, why we have NO MORE)

-learned to go right into his cage when its nighttime for mommy and daddy
-learned to throw his bone at your head if he wants to get your attention (yea...who taught him this?)

-learned to show his teeth when he's PLAYING and scare the crap out of people (ummm...Daddy definitely taught him this!)
-realized that ice is his favorite treat, EVER.

I love my little boy...and here's a little montage of him.

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