Saturday, May 23, 2009

Love it, love him...but not in that kind of way ;)

From the beginning of the top 13...I loved him. Not in that kind of way but in the on reality tv and you love his voice type of way. He really was my favorite. Truly. I wasn't huge on the Danny Gokey train. He was good. But, Kris. He was my style. The type of music I can listen to in the car for hours. The smooth kind of voice that just takes you somewhere, and flawless. Flawless.

When it came down to Adam vs. Kris. I had confidence. Everyone else in the country made it seem like Adam had already won it. That bothers me. Kris deserved it. Adam already had 'fame' in his own way. He was already big into theatre, and we all know he was big in the gay clubs in LA...helloooo....we've seen the pictures with him licking boys. But, Kris was a home grown guy. No frills. Was truly discovered on American Idol. That's HOW it should be. The truth is too? I would NEVER listen to Adam Lambert music, ever. If you like someone screaming at you through the radio, then fine. I don't prefer that.

And? On wednesday night I watched Ryan Secrest's lips as the results were coming forth to see if it was "Kkk" sound and it was. Declan and I jumped off the couch, SCREAMED, jumped up and down, hugged eachother, high-fived, and I think I teared up a little. We were so glad to see someone like him win. We wanted that guarantee of an album...because...we love his music.

And you know why else we love him?

He loves Jesus, too! Check it out.


  1. I don't follow American Idol, but when I heard Kris sing I was realllly hoping he'd win because I would TOTALLY buy his CD and I would NEVER buy an Adam CD. WooHoo :)

  2. Thanks for the comment! Mac is just too cute. :)
    And i loved Kris too, i totally agree with everything you said about him. Adam was too.. over the top for me. Kris was just a real guy with a real voice. :)

  3. p.s. i love this clip, and love that he loves God too!