Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Minutes

-I've been overwhelmed with taking two grad courses while doing the rest of 'life' at the same time...but all I keep telling myself is, SCHOOL IS ALMOST OUT! Hallelujah.

-My 2nd art show is hung, thanks to my amazing sister Susan who was willing to help me today. It looks great.

-We're finishing our basement and it's verrrry close to being done! Carpet installed Thursday.

-Declan is going away this weekend to a trade show. I'm bummed, because I obviously prefer him home, but...I'm at least pretty busy. I have the spring fair at school Friday night and friends bridal shower in Lancaster on Saturday. He's home Sunday.

-It's a bad thing when the local ice cream joint opens. Enough said. Health freaks are not welcome to comment here.

-Because of the basement re-do our laundry is majorly backed up. It's not cool.

-Also, because of the basement project, Declan lost his wedding band. I'm not thrilled, at all. In fact, I'm still praying it shows up someplace. Perhaps in that laundry?!

-It's only Monday and this week already feels dreadfully long.

-I cannot wait for summer, yet I feel it's going to fly by.

-When is the weather going to be consistent?

That is all. Have a good week all!

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