Monday, May 25, 2009

Not-Me Monday

I didn't enjoy this weekend so much that I avoided doing a full-house clean (which hasn't been done in weeks) on all these free days. Nope. Not I.

I didn't sleep in until 10:15am this morning. Nooo. I don't like sleeping in anyway. So-Not-Me.

I didn't leave the AC on all weekend, even when we were hardly here, so that every time we walked into our house we had that "ooo ahhh refreshed" feeling. I wouldn't waste energy like that.

I didn't forget about my grad work that is ALWAYS due on Mondays, because I was having such a fabulous weekend. I didn't forget about it...I mean. Nope.

I didn't find molded doggie doo-doo hidden under my pups bed in his cage last night. That is gross. He could never do a thing like that...and I could never be that dumb. (where was that smell coming from?)

And I definitely didn't eat Rita's Waterice in lieu of dinner tonight....but then get hungry for dinner and make grilled chicken sandwiches. I wouldnt do that? All those Ugh. I could neverrr.

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