Thursday, May 21, 2009

One of my favorite lines ever....

from a kindergartener:

(Running over to my desk) "Mrs. B.....Dylan called me a tattle-tale!!!!!"

I was dumbfounded. Are you kidding me?

(This kid IS a tattle tale, it's so annoying!)

And so I said...."You just proved his point."

Did he understand? Probably not.
Did it make me feel good to think I put a 5 year old in his place? comment.


  1. Lol, at the pre-school I worked at I heard stuff like this alllll the time! I got to the point when a kid would come up to me and I knew they were going to tattle, before they could say anything I would ask if someone was hurt or crying, if the answer was no, then I would tell them I didn't need to hear it. Lol

  2. lol

    you are the coolest teacher ever!