Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I admit...

I feel a little bit like a design diva right now. I'm sitting here, and admiring my newly re-designed bookshelf. I have to thank ThisYoungHouse because it took some motivation of seeing their awesome shelving looking mighty fine, to give my drab bookshelf a makeover.

The key here...get a before picture. I didn't exactly do that. But, I did muster up a picture from when we first moved in, and you can see the shelf here:

Now, I have to admit, when I first started this project (it only took half hour, ha!) two days ago, my book shelf didn't exactly look like that. It had 'gained' a few other accessories, which included dust and random computer nic-nacs. Ugh. I am sort of glad I didn't get a before picture now that I think about it :)

First step: (after getting before picture) Clean off the shelf. Start with a fresh, open, space.

Second step: DUST! (haha...and using your hand doesn't count! although that's totally what I did)

Third step: Collect things from around the house that seem to go together. Find nice hardback books and remove the paperback's. The hardback look is chic, don't you know?

Fourth step: Start with the biggest items first. Place where you think it looks right. Remember not to be too "symmetrical" with things. Too predictable. Not interesting enough. Stack books, lean books....put a little glass object on top. (Please note: The light blue bird/candle holder on the 2nd shelf was a .97 cent find from GoodWill this week! score!)

Fifth step: Stand back, say, "dang I'm gooood"....and snap an after picture.

What do we think? Is it better than before? I think so. When my hubby got home that day I told him to "look at the shelf!!!"...and he said...."I can't notice a difference from before....sorry babe". His answer didn't quite shock me...heck, why would he take notice? He just lives here.

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  1. Oooh. Ahhhh. That looks gorgeous! We're so glad you sent the link our way. Great job!

    s (& j)