Monday, June 22, 2009

My week and random tidbits

As most of you know I've been absent because of my week-long-trip to Pittsburgh to help my wonderful friend, Jennie prepare for her wedding, which was this past Saturday, the 20th. She let me crash in her finished basement as a trade for helping with random last minute wedding details (haha...really, she would have let me stayed whenever! I love her.) The week was filled with lots of last-minute to-do's, dining out, getting to know new friends, an unforgettable bachelorette party, and one super fly wedding. Uh-may-ZING.

Yes, I got little sleep. Yes, I was exhausted. Yes, I missed my husband (but was awesome to see him at the wedding!). Yes, I missed Mac. Yep, I missed my home. But, I loved it, and had an awesome time. I am so grateful to have the freedom in the summer to just go without strings attached to a job. Being a teacher totally rocks.

During this week, I also finished up my two graduate classes I was working on, and managed to pull out a 93% and a 97% on the classes, and am now finished 12 credits! Woohoo! But, I couldn't celebrate too quickly, because another class started IMMEDIATELY when those ended. Just one though, just one. This class goes until August 7th, and then I'm home-free for the last 3 weeks of the summer, and can enjoy our family vacation to the Outer Banks grad-school free! That will be an awesome feeling.

Can I also mention how rad my hubby is?! While I was gone I gave him a little honey-do list. Thinking, 'yea right....this won't happen, his week is crazy busy.' I apologize now for my poor attitude, because I was proved wrong! I came home and here are the things that had been done: (some were over and above the list)

-He and his dad removed our ugly flourescent light in the kitchen and replaced it with a gorgeous double-pendant drop light. FAN-freaking-tastic!

-Dimmer switch installed in our master-bathroom....(don't you hate when the light is so bright in the morning or night that your eyes burn?! too...but I don't have that problem anymore)

-New toilet paper holder installed in our master bath (it fell out the other day, and now I like our newer one MUCH better)

-FULL kitchen's SHINY!

-Laundry DONE!

-Clean living room

-Cleaned our storage space under the stairs and put the correct thing to be stored back in there (after the basement re-do, things got a little messy back there)

-Our basement TV is mounted and it looks so sleek

My flowers had been watered all week, beds were was a great home-coming. Now, its back to reality for me, which...truly...isn't too much. Having the summer off is a wonderful thing. My plan is to stay on top of this grad-work and then do whatever I feel like doing with the rest of my time.

I want to go out treasure hunting for things for a new secret-room I am doing in my house. I want to clear out that room and start fresh. I want to meet with friends for coffee and lunch (I've already done lots of that!). I want to relax.

Cheers to summer, a good week, a great husband, and a sparkly house!

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