Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday tidbits...

-As much as I've complained about the slight boredom (I hatttte saying that word)....I have already had the chance to meet up with old friends and newer ones. I am meeting another good friend from high school today, and then tomorrow I am meeting my favorite music teacher from the school I taught at last year. She's bringing her adorable almost-1-year-old son, and I can't wait!
This is the GREAT thing about a clear(er) schedule.

-I learned how to use the Google Earth program last night for my class...and it's SO rad! I can't wait to use it for my project. PS: that 'project' is my last for this bunch of courses...! I am almost done 12 credits, woot woot :)

-Since losing my debit card I've had to use a credit card for whatever I need....and the credit card has my maiden name on's so weird. I just keep hoping no one asks for ID because I just don't have one with my former name on it. Whooops.

-I'm a teeeeny bit worried about the pre-wedding craziness in Pittsburgh. The bride has a LOT of people staying at her house, and I'm one of them. I'm afraid its going to be slightly overloading for the poor girl, and I'm not so sure how my back will feel after sleeping on an air mattress for a week. Yes, I slept one summer on an air mattress for 2.5 months straight...and it felt like heaven when I laid my head down at night....true. But, I'm back to being spoiled again and my poor wittle lower back doesn't do so well on those things....especially lately.

-On our drive home from pittsburgh, we are stopping at Falling Water, which was one of the many creations of Frank Lloyd Wright. I am so excited! My canon will be in my hand, so have no will be coming.

-Ever since the power went out two days ago for TWO minutes...the internet around here has been shotty. My extremely techie husband is even having trouble figuring out what the heck is up. However, right now ::crossing fingers:: its working just fine.

-I went through all my swimsuits the other day. WOW. I have a ton. They are all so perfect for one another, too, because they can almost ALL be mixed and matched. I am definitely a fan of the solid top, patterned bottom, or vice versa. I think I have a total of like 9 different combinations. Swwweeeet

-My tomato plants are all over a foot and half tall I had to get some bamboo poles and secure them to it so they can bare the fruit they claim they will. We planted two little strawberry plants a few months ago just to see what would happen, and sure enough...we got strawberries! We will pick one or two here and there, wash it, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. No, it will never be enough for a pie, or strawberry shortcake, was a test. It was only a test.

Now off to shower and start my day....

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