Thursday, July 30, 2009

Anniversary Week Part One

Our 2 year anniversary is coming up on Tuesday, August 4th. Two years have flown by and I've really enjoyed every moment of it.

I thought that in honor of our anniversary that I'd walk through random tidbits having to do with the big day.
Today, I will tell you about the rings.

Besides, the "ring" is truly the beginning of all the wedding madness, wouldn't you agree?


We were young. He was 19, I was 20. We had been together for around five years at this point. It was time to start looking for the "ring". To actually BUY it? Not really. But, I wanted him to know what I had in mind whenever he intended to propose. I knew the proposal could have been anywhere from 6 months to 1.5 years away. I really had no idea. We stopped at a few ring places at the mall, and I never quite found anything I had liked. We went to Helzberg Diamonds one night...and I saw it. The ring I absolutely positively fell in love with. It was part of a limited edition. I liked this part. Why would I want a bunch of other people having the same ring as me anyway? It was sold in a set with the wedding band. Score. It was a marquis. A marquis?! I hated marquis, and swore I'd never have one...but gosh..this had me at 'bling'. It was the most perfect antique-like ring I'd seen. I tried it on. I smiled. It was enough that Declan "knew". I got in the car and said, "I like that ring a LOT. I'll take anything from you. But man, that ring is gorgeous." I tried to subtly drop the hint that this ring was IT. It wasn't very subtle. He got the hint.

A few months later he went back and bought that ring. He took his sister with him. Besides, she and I were close friends and she would be a big help to him. She agreed this ring was the "one". Declan shook hands with the guy, bought the ring (still at the age of 19), and then him and his sister got this polaroid snapped of them by the employees there:

A few months later, a very planned proposal happened. I was working as a Program Manager for a camp that ran all summer long, travelling to differnet parts of the country doing work on homes for people who needed it. One of the camps came to a nearby town (within an hour) of ours. My family and friends all came to visit one specific night. July 12th. I was on stage in front of 500 plus crazy teenagers, all ranging from grades 9-12. A strange video came on the big screen that seemed to have been about me. I was confused. The stage went black and a spotlight came on. Declan came out with roses and a microphone on his ear. This happened:

Floored and excited. Plain and simple. Never, never, never to be forgotten. I felt like a celebrity.

Now, the ring you ask? Here is a professional shot of the ring by our wedding photographer.


Stay tuned for part two.


  1. Jon and I were young when we got engaged too. He was 20 and I was 19. We also looked at rings together and I showed him what "types" of rings I liked. A.k.a, I love this ring and I better get this one or one real similar to it... Haha :)

    Gorgeous ring!! I don't normally like marquis, but I really like your ring!! :)

  2. Ah… I love it! Man, Declan and I look great in that picture!!!! Ha! Love that you’re my sister!!! xoxoxo

  3. Aww Katie! That's such a cute story you have to tell!!! I can't believe that you guys have been date longer than you could drive! That's so fun!!!

  4. omg those are beautiful!!!!!!!and i love the proposing picture!!!! :) :)

  5. So pretty! Our anniversary is August 4th too, for us it will be 8 years :)

    BTW you asked how tall I am, I'm 5'5" :) So glad you stopped by my blog!

  6. ooh love the ring and the eternity band! (hopefully I called it by the right name!)

  7. I FOUND IT! Now why were you on stage in the first place??

  8. LOL you said marquis and in my head I was all ewww then I saw the ring, oh my word it's gorgeous!! It would have had me at bling too! The proposal story made me tear :)