Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bits and Bits

I'm back from five days in Ocean City, MD spent with my husband and good friends. The week consisted of pool time, late night surf fishing (I just watched and cheered), lazy hazy days, a wonderful full-body massage, lovely talks with friends, playing with a baby, and a flooded car.

I'll spare the details of the flooded car story, but needless to say we WILL be going to a specialty shop tomorrow to get the water extracted from the floors with a special machine. Awesome, I know. Note to self: Torrential downpour at the beach is never a good thing. Bring the SUV next time.

Declan spent a good majority of the vaca fishing away, and caught 22 fish in total and 1 crab. The crab was on accident, but, it made for an exciting 5 minutes at the pier.

All in all, it was a really nice, much needed getaway

I must also say, leaving my pup is not easy. I have yet to find the perfect pet sitters---not because of the 'people', but because of my dog. He's still a puppy and tends to be a handful. He's on a routine, and if you can't stick to it, he gets completely thrown off. I also think his nerves go crazy when he's out of his element, which also makes for a crazy couple of days. I told Declan from now on, he comes with us, or someone has to come pet-sit at the house. I'm sick of feeling guilty the whole time I'm on vacation wondering about how my dog is, and feeling bad that he could be (god forbid) acting like the puppy that he is. Big sigh of relief that he's now home, in his comfort zone, freshly bathed, chewing on a bone and relaxed. However, the poor guy got into the cat food at his 'pet sitters' earlier today and it isn't coming out alright if you know what I mean. :/

Such a nice getaway overall...but home is sweet.


  1. it sounds like such a great trip! i'm glad it was fun and relaxing. :)

    i sort of have a similar problem with my dog, except with me i just can't stand leaving him anywhere. last time we went on vacation i called every single day, multiple times a day, to check on him. :/ i just can't leave him.. haha :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip!! Where do you guys live again??

    I'm always so nervous when we have to leave our cat too. Especially with my parents, I'm afraid they're going to leave the door open and he'll get out and we'll never see him again. :( Haha, I'm such a drama queen! :)