Thursday, July 30, 2009

Honest Scrap-Blog Award, baby!

Thanks to my sister, Lyryn---I got a blog award! I'm so thrilled. She's the best.

I'm supposed to pass the award on--however, I'm gonna hold off on that. BUT, I am supposed to accept the award by telling you 10 random facts about me that you may or may not know. So, here it goes:

1. Birds, birds, birds---LOVE them. Not like the kind that fly (ew, gross)...but more so as 'decor' for the home.

2. I'm wearing a pair of flip flops right now that could literally break at any moment (they are right on edge), but they are so comfortable, I keep wearing them every_single_day and I'm telling you--I will pay for this. The day I'm out with them on, and they break.

3. I'm actually missing the classroom more then I thought. Exactly 30 days until full-blown school mode.

4. I honestly and truly think my Masters program I'm in right now is easy as pie. I don't like to tell people this so it sounds harder and more elite, but--it's totally not. It is so much easier then undergrad.

5. I don't like Willow Tree people. You know what I mean. They are too country for me. I don't hate on other Willow Tree lovers...but they aren't for me. With that said, I have two in my house as we speak.

6. I've secretly joined a haters club on pregnancy. Okay, there really is no "club"--but, it's just how I feel. I hate seeing other women pregnant. At least right now. (You will not hear me say, "aww she's cute", trust me) With that said, I'm enjoying things that you can't do while pregnant. me drink this wine (oh Gosh, I'm horrible...I know...).

7. My dog hasn't been the same since we picked him up at the house of who was pet sitting. He's sick...and everyone knows when dogs get sick, who gets the brunt of it? Yea. The owners. More then anything, I feel horrible for him. I'm never going away again (at least for 2 weeks).

8. I'm very annoyed by people who say, "I don't have time to blog"...making it sound as if everyone who does blog is sitting around at home all day long bored out of their minds updating their blogs every second. Uh, no. It is no different then saying to someone who likes to bake, "I don't have time to bake". We have different interests, and that's that. We all choose to use what little time we have differently. Get-over-it.

9. I got a sunglass tan (that little line on either side of your face) for the first time in my life this past week. I think it's geeky and loser'ish and I totally have one.

10. I am extremely tense in traffic--more so as the passenger then the driver. I am the most annoying side-seat driver (specifically to my husband), and I say things like, "slow down!", "careful!", "they're braking!", and often times touch his arm to make sure he "see's". I realize this is very, very, very bad. He is very nice to me about it. My paranoia set in after my car accident a year and a half ago.


there you have it...the good, the bad, the ugly...but mostly bad and ugly.


  1. I'm totally in #6 with you. I've never miscarried, so I don't know exactly how you feel, so I won't pretend to, but it's hard for me to see pregnant women too. I know we haven't been "trying" for very long, but it's still hard to not know if we can ever get pregnant. So, I understand how it feels to be upset when you see girls who are pregnant, but then feel guilty for being sad.

    I'm also totally with you on #10. I always do that to the hubs and I feel so bad, but he's also totally great about it! :)

  2. i'm in the "club" too! ;o)

  3. i am SO glad to hear you say the masters program is easy. because i feel like my undergrad is ridiculously hard! ugh.

    i hope your dog feels better! it makes me so sad when they get sick. :( they look so sad and then i get sad too.

    my friend told me yesterday that she'd never have time to blog. it made me angry. i'm busier than her. :/

  4. You are welcome!!! REALLY?!?!?! You don’t like Willow tree people?! Ha… good to know sis! Can’t wait to see the sunglasses tan!!!!

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  6. I HATE it when people say they are too busy to blog! I had a friend tell me that "thats probably all you do" and I just about smacked her! I find it relaxing and I'd rather blog then watch some stupid TV show!

    I actually like the willow tree people, but i know what you mean about them being country! I just LOVE the nativity set though!

    Totally enjoyed it! :)