Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Food aversions are one thing I've NEVER experienced before in my life. In general, I like all food, as my 'more plump' frame would suggest. Hey, I'm honest. Since hitting the 6 week has become a major issue in my life. Certain things just don't quite sit well with me, and more often then not, I just choose not to eat (or eat much at all), because...ughhhh, food.

The one thing I'm pretty sad about is my insane dis-liking for pizza. The best kind. The kind that pre-pregnancy, I'd eat at least once a week. But, I just can't even stomach the mere thought of pizza the last 2-3 weeks. It literally sets me into gagging mode, and ughhh my stomach. The other day, I was even unloading the dishwasher and the pizza-cutter was in there--and instantly, my stomach turned when I saw it.

Today, me, Susan, Kesh and the girls went to lunch at Signature Pizza. Yea, I But, I knew there are so many other options there, that it didn't really bother me. I had mentioned to them that as long as we don't eat pizza...I'm cool with the idea of going there. (Did I mention that really even the sight of pizza sets my stomach into world war III? ugh)

When we got in there, my almost-3-year old niece kept saying, "Peesha!!" Her mommy asked her what she wanted for lunch, and without hesitiation, it was-"Peesha!" Normally, she can't make up her mind, but today--of all days...she knew she wanted pizza. I felt so horrible, and as my face was already turning green of the thought of sister-in-law decided to only give Kyra two options....grilled cheese, or chicken fingers. Poor girl, kept saying "Peesha!", and I told her that someday when she's 7, I'll tell her the story of how Aunt Katie wouldn't let her get the only food she really wanted for lunch because of my crazy food aversion. Kesh was kind enough to limit her to two non-pizza choices, because, she has empathy on my poor pregnant soul.

To Kyra: Aunt Katie apologizes for making your lunch not so yummy...and some day we will look back and laugh about this. Thanks for eating chicken fingers instead, and taking one for the team. The baby team.

To Kesh: Thank you for understanding and going against your little girl's desire for pizza. I owe ya one.

To Susan: Thank you also for getting chicken fingers in lieu of pizza...I promise, I'll pay it forward.


  1. that is so sad! :( i hope you like pizza again soon!

  2. Food aversions are so weird...mine right now is cake. I can stand even typing the word, so I'll stop. I'm impressed you were even able to post about pizza. That must've taking some strength :)

    I can't remember if I answered your question on my blog. If I didn't, I'm due February 7th, so just a week before you. Very fun!

  3. i'm glad you blogged about this cause it was very funny and very memorable. lol

    hope the food aversion goes away soon! for now, i'll just have to eat pizza on days when i don't see you. :)