Sunday, July 5, 2009

We're part of the Fan Club, too.

Everyone loves a good find.

Please welcome a new addition to our home...he's cool, he's breezy, he's blue. He fits in perfectly with our decor. We love him.

Vintage, eh? Don't you just love finding a totally functional item you need that also looks super cute and isn't an eye-sore to a room? We totally do. When Declan and I saw this little guy at the Pottery Barn Outlet, we really couldn't pass it up. For $23.08 (tax included), we were sold. An ugly industrial-looking fan from Wal-Mart would have cost the same.

And this one...yea...him...he looks totally chic in my living room (for may end up in a baby room), fits right in...and is providing the most beautiful breeze amongst the open windows. Ahhhh. Nothin' like a good find on a beautiful Sunday.