Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Yucky's

For the first 5 weeks of my pregnancy, I went along feeling happy and dandy enjoying every moment of my days with little to no side effects or pregnancy symptoms. Week 6 came along and I came home from Pittsburgh and got hit like a brick with all those daunting things you hear women whine about during pregnancy. I understand now, I whined too....all weeeek. It sucks. The way I felt in the morning was as if I was out having the time of my life and drinking all night, only to wake up with the w o r s t hangover ever. But, there was absolutely NO drinking, people. I am simply pregnant. The 'hungover' feeling lingered for days....the headache that never left, heavy eyelids, pure exhaustion, sour stomach, and woozy. I was so over it. I could also explain the feeling of being almost flu-like. It was so hard to get out of bed, my body was in pain...achey and no fun.

I was talking to someone the other day who has children in their 20's...and she said, "The way I always explained how I was feeling was calling it the yucky's....I just felt yucky." I thought, how perfect. There is no better way to describe it. I have just felt yucky, had the case of the 'yucky's'.

I am happy to say that the big time yucky feeling has passed for now. I really do pray that the worse of it is over (until of course I'm the size of a whale and whining about teaching 900 kids while inconveniently knocking them out with my belly).

I also have to say...sheesh, I am naiive. I thought for sure that I wasn't having this so-called 'morning sickness' because, well, I have never run to the toilet know...spewed my guts. But, I'm told that the spewing part isn't necessarily's the general feeling of nausea throughout the day. The lightbulb went off, and dang it, I have morning sickness. The last few weeks after hearing that question a bajillion times (everyone asks!), "Do you have morning sickness?"....I'm all..."Nahhh! No morning sickness for me!"


I've been nauseus for the last two weeks almost ALL the time, but just not hugging the toilet. I've been having 'morning sickness' all this time and didn't know it. Along the lines of the nausea thing...I have to say, it ever so hard to find something I want to eat. I take lots of time to actually sit and contemplate what it is I want to eat, that will make me feel good, that sounds good, etc. Because of this, I'm eating a lot less. I know that will change soon, when my tummy rumbles all the time screaming FEEEED ME...but for now, not so much.

I already apologized to my husband for whining so much, and not to get too scared of the idea of pregnancy because "its the first one, and so...I don't really know what to expect..." I'm not sure he bought it, but...I have to say, he is super sweet and does the best he can to make me feel better.

ps: I will try not to only post on pregnancy related's kind of a big deal in my world right now, as you can imagine ;)


  1. I feel your pain right now. It's no fun to have the yucky's ALL DAY. I'm experiencing it, too.

    I'll pray that the feeling passes soon and you can get on with the "fun" phase of the pregnancy.

  2. I hope I get to feel "the yucky's" some day! haha! I hope you feel better soon! :)

  3. that was me toooooo!!! Once 6 weeks rolled around... i was :p