Monday, August 3, 2009

Anniversary Week Part Five...PARTY

Declan and I were all about the party....I mean...yes, we know the whole "I do" thing was important and all the words that we truly did mean. But, we all know...the reception is where it's at. It's the way to thank your guests for coming and celebrate the union that they just witnessed.

Let's get this party started...

I got many compliments saying this way the most fun reception people have ever been too. We had a major dancing crowd, which always makes it more fun. I love love love the pictures we got from our day...thank you Joy Moody!

...on our way out the door, we got this last picture:


  1. these pictures are amazing haha, i think the reception pictures are always the best because they are so candid and fun. your last picture is beautiful!

    and thanks SO much for that site! it is perfect! i found the headboard link, and a few ohter things that sound fun. :) and you were right, their house is absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. I think these are the best reception pictures I have ever seen!!!! And I LOOOOOVE that last picture! :)

  3. katie and declan,

    i'm not even sure how to thank you for your generous contribution to our adoption fundraiser! i had tears in my eyes when i woke up this morning to see how much closer we are to our homestudy goal...thanks in great part to your generosity. this expirience has taught me so much, but more than anything, i have realized how many people are kind beyond what i have ever many people that i haven't even met, and people who have stepped up and shown such amazing love toward us. you are an amazing and special part of our daughters journey. someday she can thank you in person :)
    blessings to you both!
    with love, angie

    (p.s. hands down, your wedding pictures are my favorite of all time! i always tell kesh that i so regret not having wedding pictures like you and declan have! and the ones you posted of all of the little tiny, you put some serious thought into each and every thing...amazing! wish you could have designed mine! you should be a wedding planner!)

  4. ooh I love this style of photographing!!!
    And the wedding looks like it was so fun!

  5. Your wedding looks like it was a blast!

  6. Hi-
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment! I love your wedding pics, you have some really neat ones! LOVE the brown :-) ...your blog is cute! Have a great week!

  7. Your pictures are amazing! Looks like a fun time! Oh & thanks for the congrats! We are so excited!

  8. dang do we know how to party or what? :)

    love you sissy