Saturday, August 1, 2009

Anniversary Week Part Three

The Cake

My cake was important to me. It had to taste delectable and unforgettable. It had to have chocolate chips---somewhere. I wanted it to be Chocolate on the outside, because, well, you've seen the colors of my wedding. A white wedding cake was not welcome there.

I turned to a friend, who's family happens to be in the cake amazing cake business at that. They are the best around: The Masters Baker They were able to create for me a perfect 4-tiered chocolate cake with pink and orange fondant bands and small polka-dots (we added the gerbers...well, my sister-in-love Kesh, did).

..and ta-da...

...a layer of chocolate, a layer of vanilla, a layer of marble and chocolate chip---

boy, was it good :)


  1. I LOVE your cake...I really like the orange and pink! Too cute!!!

  2. Love the height of the cake!!

  3. I love the texture of the chocolate! Was that buttercream?

  4. i really really want to eat it. :)

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! =D and it saounds like it was yummy! Thanks for sharing =D

  6. oh my gosh that cake is amazing!

  7. Your cake is fantastic! I love love love it! I'm so glad someone else did a bunch of wedding posts. Happy belated anniversary!

  8. Oh my goodness! I can't get enough of your wedding! It is so perfect!

    Oh and the iron things above the doors came from my mom, so I'm not sure where she got them from. I know I've seen some similar ones at Pier 1 or hobby lobby.