Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Birds....oh my heavens, Birds!

Did I ever tell you about my love for birds? Why yes...I believe I have. No no...not live birds---decor birds. They are one of my favorite accessories to my home (much like headbands to myself), and I seem to find them here and there, and when one speaks to me, I take it home (and it has to be a good deal!).

I was looking at a blog today and it was about home decor and su
ch...and it triggered me to look around and count the 'bird' accessories I have. I started taking pictures...and well, I'll show you.

Here is my flock.

....and that's not all of them, I shamefully admit.

Would I call this a collection? Heck-to-the-NO. A collection is something elderly people have, right? Okay...maybe not exactly. However, I can't help but think about a trip to my Grandmom's the other day, when she showed me her whole collection of birds and German glass people (which are worth a ton, might I add) that were in a lovely lighted glass case. However, her birds were different. They were shiny, they were colorful...they were freakishly realistic. They weren't my style whatsoever. However, once I expressed my love for birds I saw her eyes light up. I bet they'll be written in the will for me now (which is better then her scary porcelain dolls). In all seriousness, I love my grandparents. But, our collections are different right?

Or maybe they're not...

Either way, there you have it. My intense love for all things bird. Some of it, anyway.


  1. Too certainly do love birds! And your Hub must too. :)

  2. I am right there with you - We have them around our house too :)

  3. cute cute cute! i love the one over your light switch! :)

  4. i love birds too! thats the theme of nyahs nursery :)

  5. That is a collection...LOL. They look super cute though.

  6. I love the one on the top left very cute. =D

  7. haha...
    I don't think it can be classed as a grandma collection until you are one!
    My friend collects paper weights...and a lot of them look like they come from nannas...


    I'm NOT admitting that I have a *slight* obsession with little Buddhas at all.

  8. so cute! I love the one over the light switch!

    Definitely not an elderly collection :)

  9. haha you are braver than I.

    A pigeon pooped on my head while I was shopping in Boston once, and I've hated birds ever since. lol... ;)

  10. I love all your birds!! Seriously. I want to come over and steal a few of them...LOL!

  11. haha for some reason, those pigeons ruined all kinds of birds for me.. lol

    Yes, you can spray paint wicker. Does it already have paint on it? You can email me if you want!

  12. I love your birds...they are much better than birds in real life. And for some reason they seem so serene. Can you imagine being as old as our grandma's and how much stuff we will have? LOL

  13. i think ur birds are cute!! i dont think they count as a collection unless they are displayed in a case.. but that is juts my thoughts!!!
    I like to decorate with like little hanging saying on the wall an such... maybe i will do a post about that sometime i have a few in my house!!

  14. Thanks for love on my blog, sweets! I feel like I’m missing that passion I not so long ago had! Focus…. That’s what I need to work on. Love you, can’t wait to spend an ENTIRE week with you!! Xoxoxox

    (Did you do the research?!?!) ;)

  15. The bird on the towel rack is my fav...super cute!!

  16. Nice collection. ... :)
    Thanks for the comments on my blog. I think I'll be popping on over here now, too. Have a great Wednesday!

  17. OOOOOHhhhh.....drooling.
    Love that first I-wanna-marry-it-love-it.

    XO - Katie Bower