Friday, August 14, 2009

A Happy Birthday Poem....

Each and every year (for a long time, now) I write my sister-in-love, Lyryn a poem on her birthday. Well, tomorrow, August 15th is the day. We're leaving for vacation pretty early in the morning, and so it only seems appropriate to post this now.

Happy Birthday tomorrow, Lyryn--I love you!

Has it really been another year?
You're 27 now my, dear.

I know, I know, you don't like that sound.
Birthday's tend to make you frown.

But, I want you to have an awesome day
Remembering we love you as much as we say.

You're not only a sister, but a friend...
Always honest and open to the very end.

You're transforming each and every day,
into a writer and encourager in your own way.

Your life is a testimony to the Lord,
Pushing you on and strengthening the cord.

When you look back on life may you see a sweet song,
You were down, brought back to life, and pushed along.

Lyryn, my amazingly beautiful sister and friend,
Happy 27th year--filled with love and laughter with no end.


  1. You are the best!!! I love you, I love you, I love you! I’m so blessed to have a sister like you!!! Can’t wait to spend the entire week with the ones I love the most!!! xoxoxox

  2. So cute!! I am gaining a sis in law excited to have a sister!!

  3. thats so cute! i love how you say sister-in-love! :) i think i'll start using that becuase it sounds so much better than sister in law! :)

  4. awww that is too sweet!!!

    Have an AWESOME time on your vacation!!


  5. What a wonderful poem!! Lyryn seems like an amazing woman (I follow her blog too) - she is blessed to have you as her sis-in-law!

  6. Oh...

    Happy Birthday Lyr!! (Its the 15th here now!)

  7. What a fun tradition you have! Super sweet :)

  8. **Tear** that was so adorable! I love it Happy Vacationing =D

  9. cute- I like that you write her a new poem every year.

    Have a great vacation!

    Thanks for coming and following my blog. You are a doll.

  10. aww thats so sweet! :)

    Happy Birthday to her!! <3

  11. How neat that you do that for your sis in love!

  12. Aw how sweet! Lyryn just found my blog, and I was so happy to meet her! Happy birthday to her!!

  13. aw are so sweet!!!

  14. Awww! So sweet! I wish I had a sister or a sis in law (my bro needs to get it together!) She is really lucky to have a sis like you :).

  15. What a sweet poem!

    You are an awesome sis/sis-in-love!

    Have an awesome vacation and birthday celebration with her!

  16. You are an awesome poet! I loved that and I know she did too :)