Monday, August 3, 2009

It's the day...Happy Anniversary! Part Six (and totally done!)

August 4th...2 years, baby.

I love marriage so much and it's evident in pretty much everything I say about it and about Declan--so without plastering "I love my husband" all over my blog (or on a bumper sticker, believe it or not--I've seen it.) you get the point.

Tonight, we will celebrate by going to our favorite classy Mexican restaurant in Lancaster. We'll finish up the night by dancing to our (two) wedding song(s)*. We started this last year, and well, it's tradition now. Save the "awww's", because honestly? When I reminded my dear one of this last night, he said, "Uh...we're doing that again?"**.

So today, I leave you with the aftermath of the wedding.

The "night" (just a hint)...and the honeymoon.

..after taking out my one million bobby pins and feeling sassy

...shall I say, "where the magic happens"


We took a pretty simple honeymoon to one of our favorite spots, Cape May NJ. It's a really quaint beach town a few hours away. We stayed at a gorgeous bed and breakfast right on the ocean. We weren't able to take a long, exotic honeymoon due to funds and time (I was in the middle of finding a teaching job, and Declan was still in school).

The following pictures are your typical 'honeymoon' pictures, meaning, stretch-out-the-arm and shoot pictures of the two of you and pictures while eating (thats when we remember to take out the camera...admit it!).

I promise. The wedding posts are DONE.

* "I am the Luckiest"-Ben Folds
"You and Me"- LifeHouse

**Babe, you want to dance...I know you do. xoxo


  1. :) sounds like you have a nice day ahead of you! i noticed in the pictures that you have really curly hair like me!

  2. I never saw these pictures. They are adorable!

  3. WAYYYYY late I know, but I had to say Happy Anniversary! Your pictures are adorable. :)