Sunday, August 2, 2009

That girl.

We weren't supposed to be friends. She showed up to my little haven, my comfort zone, and my "crowd" with her boyfriend that night. In that little upstairs 'youth' room at the church we exchanged glances. Yea, I said it... glances. Not smiles, not "oh hi, can't wait to meet you"....more like rolling of the eyes (my mom always told me if I did that, they'd stay that way--it never happened). I don't know what it was, but at that moment in time, this pretty girl coming up in my space wasn't my idea of ideal.

Little did I know that she'd become a best friend, and also my sister.

If you had told me this would have happened that night, I would have laughed in your face. No way. That girl?

Yet again--another prime example of God paving the way in our lives and showing us that we have NO clue what he's got up his sleeve.

Since that day, our friendship grew fast and furious (yes, furiou
s---we fought all the time and I could blame it on teenage hormones, but afterall--don't you do this with those you love the most?). We were the best of friends, her, Sue and I. We went many a day traveling around in her beater car's, puffy-painting the dashboard, driving around with the windows down and often times yelling expletives at the moron drivers around us (we were young and immature and i'm not proud of it, what'ya want?).

We've gone on vacations together, bunked as roommates in countless hotels, went on mission trips together, and ate possibly more then a million meals together*.

More then five years ago I was able to be by her side on her wedding day and exactly two years ago she stood by my side when I said my vows, making our sisterhood lawful (we were already sisters at heart).**

Since then we've walked through a lot of life together...encouraged one another....offended one another (hey...we're still girls) ...cheered the other on...walked through hurt and trials together...told the harsh truth to one another...fell apart from one another... and learned from our experiences and have grown stronger through them.

The day I exchanged that (evil) glance with her I never imagined the special place she'd hold in my heart and my life 9 years later***.

Love you, girl.

*Okay, a million? Not really...but I'm being dramatic. If it was really that much, we'd be blimps.

**For those of you not quite following this--I married her brother.

**She will tell me if I'm off on the amount of years. She is so much better at remembering dates and such then I am.

What is it with people and posting blogs about her recently? Read her mom's account here.


  1. haha i definitely have a couple of friends like that too... it's fun to look back like that. i love when God blesses me with friends for life!

  2. What a great story (and relationship you have)! Cherish it.

  3. I am SOOOOOO blessed to have a sister like you! That “glances…” I can’t even remember it anymore, but you know us… queens of “glances”. :) What and who I would be without you is beyond me! I love you dear sister and I’m so blessed to have you in my corner!!!!


  4. Oh yea… and you ARE RIGHT! You have been friends with “that girl” for 9 years!!! ;)

  5. tearing up over here!!

    Love to see the sister in loves!!

  6. So sweet. I've always wanted a sister in law that was like a sister since I never had one growing up. Hasn't happened for me yet...