Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A...b...c.....or maybe just questions?

So, you've all probably seen that "ABC's Of Me" thing going around...and well, I started doing it. In fact, I did it. I didn't publish it, because I just wasn't sure how I felt about it. I'm not typically a survey'ish girl. I was thinking that since I have so many new followers, maybe I'd open it up for questions that YOU want to know the answer too instead of learning about my mothers name instead (one of the questions on the survey..weird!). you go...have at it. If I end up with absolutely NO questions, I will feel like a total and utter loser.

Come on...don't you want to know my favorite late night snack...? what my favorite brand of underwear is..? or perhaps why my love for birds started? (I want to know the answer to that one too...)

I'll post my answers in a separate blog. Ask's your chance.


  1. I want to hear the story of you and your hubby! How you met, how long you dated, the proposal-the good stuff!! :)

  2. 1. what would your dream vacation be?

    2. are you and your husband going to try to have kids again as soon as you get the all clear, or are you going to wait a while?

    3. what was/is your favorite toy growing up?

    4. whats your favorite blog (besides mine of course! hehe ) or website?

    can't wait for your answers! :)

  3. I'm so glad you found my blog! We have some crazy similarities! I'm a 24 year old wife of 2 years, too (and I met him at 16). I'm also a teacher (I'm actually certified to teach art, but teach 3-6 year olds in a Montessori classroom)! I'm totally obsessed with my adorable dog! I love brown and turquoise (check out my bedroom) and want to be a domestic diva just like you!

    I'll be following you, too!

    Sorry for all the too's and !

  4. I definitely want to know your fav late night snack, our fav brand of undies! I love that stuff! Also, tell us how you ended up as an art teacher!

  5. What's the coolest art lesson you ever taught?

    And what's the scoop on the birds? Do you like them all or are you picky?

  6. What is your food weakness (i.e. what food can you never turn down, no matter what)??

  7. When did you know you wanted to be a teacher?
    Do you enjoy drawing or painting more?
    I too want to hear how you and your hubby met!

  8. i'm feeling a bit uncreative, but here you go...

    i would love to know:

    -what is your favorite artical of clothing?

    -what is your guiltiest pleasure?

    -if you could choose a super power, what would it be?

    (ps. if these are too lame, feel free to un-answer them :)

  9. 1.if you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

    2.What's a typical day in your life like?

  10. What made you want to become a teacher? :)

    If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why...and how would you travel (resort? backpack? etc?) :)

    Favorite online place to shop? :)

  11. 1. Why do you blog?

    2. I would also love to hear the story of you and your hubby :)

    3. How in the world do you get him to do laundry?!

  12. Love Q&A!

    1. What are you biggest pet peeves?
    2. What made you want to be a teacher?
    3. Where is your favorite vacation spot and why?

  13. Ooh, I love these posts!

    What do you love most about teaching?
    What do you find to be most challenging about teaching?

    What are your favorite meals to cook?
    What are your favorite meals to eat!

    What is your biggest accomplishment?

    What do you do to relax?

    What's your favorite book?

    Sorry for a million :)

  14. I can answer Kait! Declan does laundry because his mom (me) made all of her kids start doing their own laundry at the age of 12. We have six permanent children and had 25 foster children over a period of seven years. Declan also cooks, cleans, makes you laugh, listens, works hard, adores his wife, etc. He is his father's son!

  15. Lol… can you tell that mom is REALLY proud of her son?!?! Lol! Ok sissy… hum… this is really hard to ask a questions when you already know so much about a person!

    What was the best year of your life so far and why?

  16. Along with everyone else, I would love to know the story of you and your hubby and how you met. Also, what is your favorite thing about being an art teacher?