Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hodge Podge and not-so-Silent Sunday's, Unite.

*I love the friends I've met via blogging (yea..that means you!). Seriously. You girls are the sweetest. All of you who complimented my (at first) scary haircut are awesome. I feel so much better, and I'm loving it now.

*The first week of teaching is bru-TAL. seriously. My throat hates me. My allergies are out of this world. I'm sick of talking...and we've only had 4 real days. Did I mention I forgot what exhaustion like that felt like after a leisurly-no-plans-most-the-time summer? sigh.

*I spent my day off (hallelujah) on Friday (after canceling my dentist appt, and possibly telling a fib as to why I couldn't make it--I hate the dentist!) with my mom and my sister. We had no real agenda other then have fun and SHOP. It was awesome. I got a gorgeous new purse, shoes, wallet, shirt and jeans all courtesy of my generous and awesome momma ;)

My new purse, for your mental picture
...and yes, I retired the coach bag, and feel it's acceptable. Until buying a new one is affordable, I feel pretty sassy with this one. No complaints at all.


A new pair of flats to add to my collection. FYI-the tattoo is healing just perfectly.

*My sweet sister, Susan (go check out her blog) is finally spending her birthday (sept. 8) in this country for the first time in 2 years. She's been in Zambia the last two birthdays! We're happy she's home, although it's bittersweet for her. We were able to throw her a fun get-together last night and had an awesome time. Cookout + s'mores + ice cream cake + fire pit + friends= fanfreakingtastic.

*I really think having Monday's off should be mandatory. Having every Friday off would be lovely too---but mainly just having Monday off is a must. Sunday's are oh so much better when you can treat it like a weekend-night, and not have to worry about getting our sore, tired bodies into bed.

*I asked my husband to guest post on my blog sometime...he doesn't seem even remotely interested right now, but I assured him you all would love it. Wouldn't you like to meet the man behind the photos? :) [hint: send love now]

*Happy Labor Day! To labor? or not to labor? I say--RELAX.

Love ya, girls.


  1. What a fantastic weekend you've had so far!! I'm glad you got to relax some, and shop of course. :)

  2. <3 you too! I'm really, really, really glad you found my blog. I have truly loved getting to know you. :)

    Your new purse and flats are awesome. I have a bright blue Sak purse that I love carrying. Which Coach purse did you have? I have a at the Coach Outlet is fun! :)

  3. Loooove the new bag (especially the color) and the shoes!!! It was really great to see you today, can't wait for a night out ;-)
    ~Much love...

  4. Glad you are having such a great weekend! I have a blue leather bag too..I've been thinking about (re)breaking it out very soon. And those shoes! Adorable!!!!

    Tell your husband we need to read his thoughts...pronto!

    Oh, and I did check out your sister's blog and cuteness must run in the family!

  5. Oh I LOVE those shoes!! I'm with you on having every Monday off! I HATE Mondays!! :)

    Declan-we want to hear from you! Plus, if YOU guest post-maybe you could talk my hubby into doing it too! He's not so interested either, I've been trying for weeks! :)

  6. LOVE the bag!

    LOVE the flats!

    and yes, your husband should blog!! Jorden still owes me a blog but i'm thinking that's not going to happen! :)

  7. There should totally be a rule for mandatory
    "off-Mondays." I love your purse and your flats are so darn cute and look sooooo comfy! I looked at your sister's blog and she writes with so much passion. Hope you're having an awesome Labor day weekend.
    PS: we should definitely hear some thoughts from your mister (bribing might work :) )

  8. 1. Love the hair cut.
    2. Love the purse.
    3. Love the shoes.
    4. Love you :)

  9. yes your mr. should definitely post! I asked my hubby to do the same thing and he refuses.. he says that he has nothing to say. wow!

  10. cute shoes! and i love the color of your purse!

  11. haha thanks for the shout-out sissy! love you!

  12. Love your new bag and shoes! Adorable!

  13. i hate the dentist too! ;) i definitely cancelled plenty of appointments throughtout the years.

    love love love the purse and flats! ADORABLE!! :) the bright blue is so fun.

  14. Love the bag and the shoes (I saw some like that at Target and have been debating getting them myself:)

    Glad you had fun!

    I totally agree about Monday. Sunday is way better with Monday off:)

  15. I heart your new bag!
    The colour is the best ever!!

    I really need a new handbag! mine is falling to pieces which is sad as I love it.

    I'm so glad you had a great day with your mummy and sister.


  16. We would LOVE to meet Mr. Loves of Life!!! Do it do it =D Love the bag I am not a big fan of purses but this I could do. And woo hoo for no work tomm

  17. CUTE SHOES!!! And I would LOVE to hear a guest post from your husband!! I tried to get mine to do one, but he's not so keen on the idea either ;)

  18. Yes yes- lets meet the husband!

    P.S. love the bag and the shoes. adorable.

  19. One of the reasons I love your blog so much is that I get all these helpful hints(/warnings!) about what to expect in the next few years when I become a teacher. Just the other day I thought to myself, "Hmm- my throat starts to hurt after giving a ten-minute presentation. How the heck am I going to teach?" I guess your voice just gets used to it? Hehe.

    I'm so glad you have some days off... they sound well-deserved :)

    And I would LOVE it if the hubby guest-blogged! Beg him!

  20. I love the shoes! Actually, I love all of it! I would definitely like to hear from the Mr.! I know how you feel about Mondays- couldn't we all just agree to it and take a vote or something?!

  21. Okay, this comment is for Declan. Declan, this is your mother! You wanted to write a freakin BOOK when you were a child, so I think you could manage just one little blog post to satisfy the crying masses. P.S.This year I just might make YOU write the Christmas letter instead of Katie letting you off the hook by writing it for you!P.S. Christmas is sooner than you realize.
    Love you forever and forever,

  22. You're pretty loved yourself missy! I'm so so glad you found me out there. I have to say I've all of a sudden found myself looking for your updates!
    I don't think I did comment on your haircut the other day, but I meant to.. pinky swear. I love it but that may be partly due to the fact that it's very similar to mine. It looks great on you!
    I'm also going to NEED to know where you got that purse from. I LOVE it! Ohh and I'm right there with you on the whole dentist thing. I despise going. I've made up excuses on my last two appointments. I'm fully aware that i'm just making things worse and worse off for myself but I'll just have to deal with that later!

  23. I have been looking for a tealish purse...that one is BEAUTIFUL!

  24. CUTE PURSE!! I love bright purses, that is super fun!