Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm giving away a scarf my friends....

So, as I posted in the original Scarf Swap rules---I would not be participating in the swap myself, BUT would use a random number generator and choose a commenter to mail them a scarf of my choice.


I did that. I picked the number, AND--I bought the scarf today. I LOVE IT.


I have decided NOT to tell you who won, because, wouldn't it be fun for a scarf to just show up to your door from moi?? As a suprise?! Yes. Well, to me it sounds fun.

Anyway. To that lucky winner...I'm so excited to send you your scarf!

Remember: Scarves should be in the mail Sept. 30-Oct. 2


(off to the So You Think You Can Dance tour with my sisters--so excited.)


  1. So You Think You Can Dance tour! How exciting. I loved Randi from last season. And Jeanette.

  2. So jealous about you going to SYTYCD tour! Have lots of fun! And I am crossing my fingers for the scarf :-)
    I'm so excited to find out who it will be!

  3. O can't wait to find out who gets a scarf, how fun is that not knowing something is about to show up on your door step!

  4. I don't know why, but this is killing me! I love surprises, even if they aren't for me! It's killing me not to know!

  5. I hope it's me! :) I have been noticing cute scarves and thinking about how excited I am to start wearing them ever since you came up with this swap!

  6. YAYAYAYAY! (yes, I really am that excited) :)