Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Meme about Me-me. Go figure.

It's Wednesday and honestly, I have nothing else to blog about today. No real inspiration. No funny kid comments, nothing too pressing going on that I can share, get a MeMe from me,
Thanks Ashley for the tag.

Here are the rules:
1. Respond and rework: Answer the questions on your blog,
Replace one question that you dislike with a question
of your own invention, and add one more question of your own.
2. Tag other un-tagged people.

The Questions:

What is your current obsession?
sleeping. oh, thats not a good answer. Umm...painting and fixing up rooms. Scarves. Rolling my jeans up with flats. Laying in bed early. Oh wait, that has to do with sleeping again. Lame.

Who was the last person you hugged?
My hubby. We for real hugged and got super excited over the finale of Big Brother last night. Again, we're lame.

What’s your favorite dinner?
Mexican at On the Border
Authentic Italian at Rocco and Annas

What was the last thing you bought?
Oh my gosh--this is making me sound so horribly lame. Ice cream. Yep. At the gas station while my hubby was pumping the gas earlier tonight.

What are you listening to right now?
The sound of the fan in the bedroom. Yes, I'm laying in bed while typing this. Yes, its 9:10pm. What do you want from me?! PS: we sleep with a fan b/c my husband needs this white noise. I however, do not until I married the man and got completely used to it myself.

What is your favorite weather?
Spring! Short sleeves and jeans.

What is your least favorite season?
Definitely winter. I hate everything about it. The dark nights. The cold nights. Warming up your car. Wearing gloves. Trudging through snow in flats. (Note: I refuse to wear socks with flats, therefore me=in flats all winter with no socks and freezing my toosh off).

What’s in your purse?
My wallet, sunglasses, an umbrella (yea-i know), receipts, iphone, snacks (never know when I'll need something), bobby pins, gum, and lip glosses and chapstick.

Say something to the person who tagged you:
Ashley Paige-I really have enjoyed your blog and ohmygosh we live really close and someday we should totally do a blog-date-meetup thing. Someday. I'm not the pushy type :) ha.

What is your favorite dessert or cool treat?
Rita's waterice

What did you want to become as a child?
I think I said teacher then...but I didn't actually believe it. I said teacher because my older sister always wanted to be a teacher. I followed in her footsteps and copied off her daily. However, oddly enough I'm the one who became the teacher.

What do you miss?
Summer vacation

What’s your favorite brand of jeans?
Wow. I am so not that picky. I really like whatever fits me best at that time. I own mostly Gap or American Eagle jeans...nothing fancy.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
Hmm...Italy. Art. or Africa, to get a glimpse into the world my sister loves so deeply

What are your most challenging goals right now?
uh. Life in general. Our future with children. Realizing I'll be a working mom and wishing I could be a stay at home mom but not thinking that will happen for a long long time. Dreaming about our next home, our bigger home. Although, we are so blessed with this one we got now.

What’s your 5 year plan?
Make a baby. Make a baby. Move into a big house. Quit my job. Make more babies. Just kidding...I have no idea how many kids. But, yea..something along the motherhood lines/stay at home mom lines. We'll see. Who knows.

What is your favorite type of television?
R-e-a-l-i-t-y. because I'm ohsolame. The office. Parks and Recreation. Fringe.

Describe your perfect day:
Wake up at 10am...go out to breakfast with the man (we oh so much love breakfast out on weekends). Go to Ikea and buy whatever we want (of course, money would be endless). Come home and decorate whatever we want. Bask in all our diva'ness (or, mine). Watch some tv together. Lounge. Take a walk (I heart walks). Go to our favorite restaurant for dinner.

What TV show would you want to be a cast member on (reality included)?
I would be the Bachelorette...if I weren't married. But, you know, getting to pick from all those guys--rad. Although, I would never choose a lame-o guy like *cough* ED *cough. way to go jill...
ps: I love you declan, like, tons!

What is your most prized possession?
Wow-how difficult. Wedding photos? Wedding rings? My laptop? I don't have any super cool valuable hand-me-down thing. No one ever gave me anything antique or precious like this yet...

Name one favorite childhood memory?
Pizza on a Friday night. Watching TGIF with the siblings. Full House..step by step..."not-a-mama" (dinosaurs) and whatever else it was from time to time. We would grab our sleeping bags and line them up in front of the TV, and there we perched until 20/20 came on. We knew it was bedtime then. Oh how I loved TGIF.

Again. I'll opt of tagging for now. I just truly feeling like I'm bugging people by doing this part. Ah! I guess I gotta get over that.


  1. Awww...I love it when people tag me! I'm such a loser that I feel sad when people don't tag me. Oy. I have issues.

  2. I so loved TGIF too! In fact, I would probably still watch it if it were on!

  3. I completely AGREE with the flats in winter, Todd (my guy) always says i need to get shoes for the winter. I will NOT wear socks with flats and flats are pretty much a year round shoe {hence me falling a lot :( }

  4. oh, i typed that before i read down! I love fringe too!

  5. Oh wow! We totally had the same Friday night routine when we were little!! My mom would order the pizza and dad would pick it up from Pizza Hut on the way home from work (it was a treat and way too exciting to get it delivered every now and then!)Then we would eat pizza while watching TGIF....thos were the days :)

    ~Love the blog...I have quickly become a huge fan!~

  6. Your perfect day, is perfect day.
    Lets do it together some day.
    Like when we are in the same country and all. ;)



    that is all :)

  8. I like your idea of a perfect day! I think mine is something very similar :) loved this!

  9. sleeping & mexican food sound pretty good to me :)

  10. I totally hear you on the inner conflict about feeling like you have to be a working mom, but wanting to be a stay at home mom!

  11. This was the cutest meme ever. And I hate warming up my car. And I LOVE reality tv. Especially the Bachelorette.

  12. I enjoy reading people's favorite childhood memories the most! I just ate at On the Boarder for the first time a few weeks ago and LOVED it!!! And I also love reality tv a bit too much (not to proud of it) :)

  13. I have to agree with Taryn, I love getting tagged. This was a cute lil meme!

  14. Not-a-mama!!! ahahahaha! That was the best show ever :)

  15. i'm obsessed with sleeping too :)

    and i MUST have the fan on for white noise too. my husband has gotten used to it!

  16. I've never heard of a meme..but I loved it!! I used to love Full house too!!! TGIF was my FAVORITE!!!

  17. Aah, On the heaven on a plate!

    How do you do the thing where you cross out the words you wrote? I can't figure that out!

  18. Love Fringe, ED was so totally lame, I liked Jake! TGIF was the coolest, and your perfect day sounds about like mine, minus the craftiness. I'm not so crafty at the moment.

  19. I hear you on the tagging. I feel like I'm bugging people too.

    TGIF RULED! Oh, I LOVED Friday nights back then! So fun.

  20. Fun! I'm always afraid of annoying peeps with tagging too :)

  21. I love American Eagle jeans! SO affordable and cute! I will never understand the obsession with 300 dollar jeans..Maybe b/c I dont have 300 for pairs of jeans.. haha..

    Good post, lovely. Good post indeed.

  22. You are too cute!! I love these things, and reading about bloggers. :) I love your idea of a perfect day!

  23. I think it's awesome that your perfect day is filled with stuff that you and your hubby would be doing together. That says great things about your relationship!

    Fun reading your me-me!