Monday, September 14, 2009


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I did not thoroughly enjoy the excuse to have a rainy Friday, curled up on the couch, watching "The Soloist" and "Bedtime Stories" while munching on a slice of pizza. No, not me. I would so much rather be out on the town, being the social butterfly that I am (not).

Although I went to bed (I mean fell asleep on the couch during said, "Bedtime Stories" movie) around 10:15pm, I did not manage to sleep in until 11am on Saturday morning. I would never sleep away half of my Saturday, that's just insane. Too much to do, too much to do.

I did not skip breakfast and go right to eating lunch at noon with my hubby. We did not decide to eat curly fries and a stromboli at our local pizza shop. That's too unhealthy.
I did not wake up with the *BRIGHT* idea to paint all unpainted areas of the house that day because, it's a rainy day and what the heck else are we gonna do? I also did not decide to paint so we didn't have to clean the house. I did not mess up our every-other week full house cleaning schedule. Nope.

I did not spend $82.00 on painting supplies, and then luckily have gift cards that paid for all but $10.00 of the purchase. I mean, I was saving those gift cards for our front Storm door. I wouldn't possibly blow the plan and purchase painting supplies with the money. On a whim. Gah. Not I.

I did not get overly excited about the thought of our one-day nursery. No. I don't live in the future. I live completely in the present. I did not get all choked up thinking about starting our family and there one-day being a little person living in that bedroom.
We did not go to the diner and drink coffee at 9pm Saturday. (Okay I'm lying--we totally did and I LOVE this tradition we have! Gah! Just had to get that out.)

Most definitely did not go to Church Sunday morning and then try to sneak out as quickascanbe so I didn't have to mingle. I wouldn't be anti-social like that-ever. I enjoy fellowship. That is something I'd never do.

Definitely did not go to a friends going away party Sunday, put my foot in my mouth (kanye style-yet, not quite so cruel) by saying something about someones sister (the brother was RIGHT there), get jabbed by my own sister proclaiming, "that was so uncalled for!" and then move on as if it didn't happen at all. I would never be so bold and blunt as to say what's on my mind--something that I truly mean. Not me.
I did not get secretly excited for the Big Brother Finale (TOMORROW!), and kind of giddy inside hoping that somehow, someway...Jordan will win.

I do not absolutely LOVE watching the show "Shark Tank" with my husband. That is for business-head's which is something I am not. I do not secretly dream of what I could invent to make millions. Not I. I love my teaching career.

I am not as sick as a freaking dog today. I have not sneezed so many times that my students are getting ANNOYED with me. I did not contemplate a sick day but realize I slacked on making my emergency sub plans and also realize that I should really be saving those days for the one-day I'll need them for maternity leave. I did not have to detour on the way to school to get cough drops to make it through. Nope, I'm as healthy as can be.


  1. This is such a fun Not Me! You cracked me up. Maybe I'll do one later. :)

  2. haha i love these! :)

    Hope you feel better soon! and ps- GO JORDAN!! I am hoping by some miracle she wins!

  3. These were fun but I found myself getting confused... Is that normal? Blonde me? Monday Me? Who knows!

  4. Haha I love your 'Not Me's...The bathroom makeover looks fab! That's my favorite color combo lately!

    Hope you start feeling better soon!

  5. I absolutely adore this post! You are too cute!

    And I agree with you on the Jordan winning Big Brother thing .. I'm crossing my fingers that she can pull it out somehow!!

  6. This seriously made me laugh out loud! You are too funny.

  7. you are so adorable! i love this.

    oh and i am totally sick too and about to head out to get some cough drops before i claw my throat out with my bare hands.

    hope you feel better soon and happy monday!

  8. You're funny Katie! I hope you feel better soon :)

  9. You have no idea how often I've stopped and picked up Theraflu so I can make it through a day of school. I'm with you sister.

  10. I'm with you on every one! I love the leaving church so you don't have to mingle thing...oh I'm so guilty! Isn't it terrible?! I also live in the future...

  11. haha this was hilarious. I absolutely love these not me monday stories!