Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Questionaire...made by YOU!

You all made me feel very non-loser'ish by asking me questions! Hooray! Because I had "moderate" comments on, there are some repeats because you couldn't see what others wrote. However, I just took the liberty to smoosh them together and only answer it one time. It's funny, but the whole questionaire can be broken into four parts. A LOT of people had questions about my career! I so appreciate it. I was shocked however, no one asked about anything too personal--like odd medical issues I have (which would only be the strange little rash I get UNDER my wedding rings EVERY August/September! WTH?), or most embarassing moment (like the time I peed my pants when I was 13, on a DARE, in my yard, while playing Capture the Flag, or the time I cried over age 23). I guess you'll have to hear about those things later. It's grab your coffee and get skimming allowed! :) (Quiz later, yo)

Me and the Hubs

I want to hear the story of you and your hubby! How you met, how long you dated, the proposal-the good stuff!! :) Wow. Do you have an hour? Basically, the short of it is this---I met him when he was 13. Had no interest (hello?! We were 13!). I guess I should tell you that we met through a guy named Jesse who at the time was dating a girl named Lyryn, who happened to be Declan's sister. Makes sense? Uhh..I'll move on anyway. So, Jesse came to my church at the time, brought his girlfriend Lyryn. We eventually became good friends and I got to know her little brother, Declan. We had a really good friendship that consisted of long winded emails and late night phone conversations. We always said, "When we're single and 26, we can look eachother up and get married!" I went and started dating this other "older" guy who I thought was a total hottie at the time. Turned out, he was no good for me (and it worked out for the best). I basically broke Declans heart during this time. While I was "gone"...Declan said a prayer God that "if you bring Kate back into my life...that's the only way I'll know this is meant to be". Come on guys, he was 14...and DEEPLY mature. TRUE..its true. I did come back into his life, he turned 15, and I had just turned 17 (WOW--I the time it was torture). On Valentines Day of 2002 he sent me roses at work. I went over to his house after work and wer talked in the car during a rainstorm for hours. I told him "I couldn't date you because you're younger then me!" and so he said, "Fine, we're just friends then". It ticked me off, because CLEARLY we were not just friends (come on..we held hands at the MOVIES!). As I was about to leave that day, he stepped right up to me and boldly asked, "Kate, will you be my girlfriend?" (or something to that effect). I swallowed hard (because honestly...I was OLDER then him!), and said, "YES". We slowly let the news out (verrrry slowly). I lied about his grade in school to my friends (he went to another school). He finally DID catch up with me in college (he took a fast track...this guy is motivated), but that 1 year and 8 month different still lurks between us.

We dated for 4.5 years before he popped the question (on July 12, 2006). You can see the details of that on this post here.
We dated for 5.5 years before we tied the knot on August 4th, 2007. Still incredibly in love, because honestly? Our relationship was completely based on friendship--he IS my best friend. No questions asked.

How in the world do you get him to do laundry?! Declan's mother took the liberty to answer this question, and I like her answer: "Declan does laundry because his mom (me) made all of her kids start doing their own laundry at the age of 12. We have six permanent children and had 25 foster children over a period of seven years. Declan also cooks, cleans, makes you laugh, listens, works hard, adores his wife, etc. He is his father's son!"

I love her answer...but, here is mine. Basically, you create a really awesome man cave (aka: basement) that has all his favorite things: high def big screen TV, sports channels, gaming systems, a leather couch---and strategically make the laundry room in THE.SAME.ROOM. He will LOVE having the excuse to "be down here all day, because I'm doing the laundry babe!", without hearing the wrath of me. Declan: Close your ears, baby.

Are you and your husband going to try to have kids again as soon as you get the all clear, or are you going to wait a while? The short answer is YES (to the first part), and NO to the second part. I have been SO ready for motherhood. I know there will be trials and hardships (OF COURSE), and I am not in fairy tale land either...we just want to start our family and we want to start it now :)

What was the best year of your life so far and why? 2007 was REALLY, really good. I graduated college, planned my wedding, GOT married and had the best day ever, started the plans for our new house, and landed a teaching job. But, I'm willing to bet 2010 will top it.

Random Bits about Me

What's a typical day in your life like? Good question. On a weekday, I wake up before 7am. Me and Declan rotate who let's the dog out. So, I either let the pup out, or get started getting ready. Make my lunch. Head to school. Teach crazy adorable kiddo's all day. Get home at 4, totally and utterly exhausted. Let out the dog. Find a snack. Sit my rump on the couch. Read my blog dashboard (I really do keep up with you ALL). Start thinking about making dinner around 5:30. Sorta-kinda cook, or call take out (ha). My man come homes. We eat, talk about our day. Sometimes we go out, but on a normal weeknight, he'll go running, I'll catch up on DVR'ed shows/read blogs, do odds and ends around the house. Then, around 9--we sit down and watch our main show for that evening together. I go to bed, he usually kisses me goodnight, and goes down to the 'man cave' to watch sports on his big tv and the dog goes with him. I head into dreamland to do it all over again. Weekends are just carefree and we do whateverrrr we want. Weekends ALWAYS consist of breakfast out at one our two spots: Harry's or the Diner.

What is your favorite article of clothing? Oh man. It changes all the time. But, I have a long really light sweater, its white and gray's so cute and grandma'ish, and I love it. It was a $5.00 find.

What would your dream vacation be? Somewhere tropical. We have never been anywhere tropical together--only separate! We would love to go to an island someplace, preferably Hawaii...just us.

What is your guiltiest pleasure? In college it was listening to Hillary Duff's terrible CD. lol. Now? It's probably Big Brother 11.

What was/is your favorite toy growing up? I was into barbies. Yea. I was that girl.

What is your food weakness (i.e. what food can you never turn down, no matter what)?? Chips and Salsa from On The Border. Guacamole. Pizza (but not when I was was totally my food aversion!). Pretty much a lot of foods...I really love food. I don't prefer the sweet stuff, but man...give me mexican, and I am a happy woman.

What are you biggest pet peeves? When people chew ice. I hate the sound it makes in their mouth. When kids tap pencils, tap the tables, make unneccessary drives me crazy! I can't think. Perhaps that means I'm ADD? Or perhaps they are? I prefer the latter.

Where is your favorite vacation spot and why? I prefer a relaxed beach town. However, I also really loved going to the Grand Canyon. It's really a toss up. I like being outdoors either way...I like a place where there are things to see and do, BUT--I want time to relax.

If you could choose a super power, what would it be? The ability to see past the outter and see people the way Jesus does. I pray for this every morning, that I would see my students the way HE does.

What are your favorite meals to cook? I loathe cooking. But, I'll humor you. Chicken Parmesan is one of my specialties (my domestic divaliscious sister-in-love just called me for help with it...I felt HONORED!)

What are your favorite meals to eat! Mexican. Need I say more?

What's your favorite book? This is a funny one...really...don't you all know it takes me ages to get through a book? Not because I can't read...because I sadly choose other things to do instead of read. I don't even know if I could tell you my favorite book. I'm not sure I have one. I'm praying the love for reading hits me over the head soon.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why...and how would you travel (resort? backpack? etc?) :) Lately, we've been much more into outdoor's type (thanks Chrissy!) I'm not sure HOW I would vacation. I think I'm more into "camping" then I think I would be, I just don't know HOW to execute, or pack, or cook..or any of the important things. So, for now...a resort at the Bahama's, or a bungalow in Hawaii would be lovely.

And what's the scoop on the birds? Do you like them all or are you picky? I like all the birds that I own. I do NOT like all the ones I see out there. So yes, I guess I am picky about which I allow to become part of my "flock" and enter into our little kingdom. I think the bird thing started when I realized my love for all things vintage. I haven't gotten to explore that love as much as I'd like--but it's so there.

Favorite online place to shop? :) Wow--this just made me realize that I hardly ever shop online! Often times I got to Old Navy's website and add things to my cart, and then NEVER checkout. I don't know if it's the money I see looming over my head (oh...its NEVER one item). But, my retail therapy doesn't come from the comes from slowly perusing the isles of any store..with no agenda, by myself. I have the patience to go through stores like Ross and TJ Maxx. I like it that way.

I definitely want to know your fav late night snack, or fav brand of undies!
My favorite late night snack is embarassing, and I have my husband to blame. But, it's Capt'n Crunch cereal and milk. There, I said it. It's the most sugary, cereal there is out there. It's not every night. It hasn't been for a while. But yep--that's it. And UNDIES?? Aerie!

What do you do to relax? Beg my friends to take us out on their boat again (haha..its so relaxing)!, go to the lake with Declan and sit in a chair while he fishes, or just read blogs and watch tv on the couch.

My Career

What is your biggest accomplishment? I put this question here, because my biggest accomplishment is probably the success I've had thus far in my career. Everyone told me I'd have trouble finding a job, because, DUH--there is only ONE art teacher per school, and HOW often do you need to hire a new art teacher? But, I really feel confident that I'm good at what I do and I'm a dynamic teacher. God has blessed me with full time jobs since I graduated. Since then, I've been able to make a small impact on two different schools and over 1,500 students...and I really feel good about that.

What made you want to be a teacher? June, July and August. HAHA! Kidding! (only kind of) No, really...I remember sitting in my Art class in 11th grade thinking about my major in college. I knew I wanted to teach (I'm not sure why?), but I didn't know WHAT I wanted to teach. So, my art teacher at the time said to me..."Why don't you teach Art?" I started my search of schools with Art Education, and that's how I landed here.

What do you love most about teaching? Each day is fairly different. I don't sit in a little office all day. I get to laugh..a LOT. I can make jokes and be sarcastic without being 'disrespectful'...the kids love it and eat it up. I get to CREATE with little kids. How cool is that? BUT---on the flip side...

What do you find to be most challenging about teaching? When I'm having a bad day, I can't just hide behind my computer. ALWAYS ON STAGE. Some days, they just DON'T listen. Before holidays---they're a mess. The class clown (although I laugh at them disruptive!).

Do you enjoy drawing or painting more? My out-of-school art specialty is actually Murals. I paint murals for friends, family, anyone who wants them. It's become a little side job for me. So, I guess, painting. I'm not much of a draw-er (I mean, more then the average person...I guess?)

What is your favorite art project to do with students? I love anything using oil pastels! seriously! My students are spoiled :)

Did you want to SEE the projects I do with my kids? Check out my ART blog

Blogging Love

Why do you blog? What a complex question! Seriously, explaining this to non-bloggers feels like rocket science to me. But, you all understand that feeling you get when you start THINKING in blog-terms. "That would make a great blog..." , "Oh, I can't wait to share this on my blog"....etc. I really just love to express my thoughts in words and never realized how much I did until a few years ago. I was NEVER into journal writing--but blog writing, love it. Took to it immediately. Have been doing it for 2 years. It's a place for my true gut-wrenching feelings to come out, and a place for my humor to be set free. I love the connection to OTHER people. There is something so beautiful about all of it.

Whats your favorite blog (besides mine of course! hehe ) or website? I obviously really adore reading my sister's blogs. Each one of them writes and so unique!

My sister, Susan writes about her journey's to Africa: Musings of a Wanderer
My sister-in-love, Kesh writes about her stories of motherhood: My ColorFul World
My sister-in-love, Lyryn writes from the depth of her heart: Breaking Through

I obviously read over 100 other blogs--but I truly love them all for different reasons. I'll be honest, I tend to not enjoy the blogs that are about 'reviewing' things, like makeup, products, etc. I'd rather read about your life. Your funny stories. Thoughts from your heart. My currently favorite LAUGH out LOUD blog is my dear teacher friend, Brittany Ann. I never miss a post.


There you have it. Did you make it? Let me know if you deserve a special prize. Love you all!


  1. I read the whole thing, now I feel like I know the real Katie behind this wonderful blog. Good job, enjoyed it!

  2. I love how our pet peeves are the same! I also LOVE ARIES underwear from AE! Great post! I loved reading about you!

  3. I am just like you, I love to shop IN the store. It just isn't the same online. But I do go online to just look, but I can't stand when it says, "Only online". UH!

    Great questions and answers! I feel like I know you in real life!

  4. Wow - What great questions and what wonderful answers! I feel like I know you! :)

  5. *drool* On the Border chips and salsa...a woman after my own (Mexican-loving) heart!!

    I had a blast reading all your answers. I think I'm going to have to steal this idea... :)

  6. Hahha, I made it through! :)

    Random note -- I quit chewing ice because my college roommate hated it more than anything and it was driving her bananas! (oh, and apparently it's also bad for your teeth!) ;)

  7. It took me long enough (reading a section in between crunching numbers), but I read it all! Is it weird, or creepy that I feel like I know you now even though I've only seen you IRL a few times?

  8. i made it through! what's my prize :) j/k I love OTB salsa and chips too which means we are basically the same person ha

  9. Yay! We are freakishly, freakishly similar, btw!

    And thank you, sweet friend, for the shout out and compliment! The blog love is definitely mutual:)

  10. i made it through even though i pretty much knew all the answers. haha!

    and we must plan an OTB date soon... yes yes yes

  11. Thanks for sharing the answers so quickly! I loved "meeting" you ;)

  12. I love when people do posts like this because I'm such a nosy person :). I'm obsessed with OTB's brisket tacos and I hate that there is no OTB near me.

  13. Great post, I enjoyed learning more about you!

  14. Thanks for the input on the blog. I live in West Virginia, right across the border from PA.
    I am just concerned about being a health care administrator because it is so heavily regulated and there are lots of issues within health care. I know principals take a lot (my mom is a teacher) but sometimes I think it could never be as bad as health care. :)

  15. I LOVE this post!
    I am going to have to do this one myself- it's the first one I really feel compelled to answer :)

    AND this quote is SO perfect, you have no idea!
    "my retail therapy doesn't come from the comes from slowly perusing the isles of any store..with no agenda, by myself. I have the patience to go through stores like Ross and TJ Maxx. I like it that way."

    Couldn't have said it better myself!
    I never know what I am going to find, but somehow it's always exactly what I need. That way I end up with only the best clothes, accessories, shoes, home decor, etc that is perfect for me!!!

  16. I'm so glad you found my blog and thanks for following. It never fails to make me giddy and really even humble me when someone takes the time to read about my little life. That being said, I will absolutely be following yours. I may already be slightly in love.

  17. Katie,
    I loved every minute of reading your Blog! Thanks for sharing your heart!

    Love it,