Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sqeezing it all into ONE post.

Funny Kid Comment(s) of the Day

3rd Grade Boy:
"Mrs B. Are we using Aeropostale's this year in art?"

"Aeropostale? Isn't that a clothing store at the MALL?"

3rd Grade Boy: "Ohhh I mean OIL pastels...oops."

Me: "Someone's got back-t0-school shopping on the mind."


Over FOUR kids have asked me this year (and mind you...I've never been asked this before), "Mrs. B, are you a MOM?" It just seems so weird and random, and funny that the year I'm wanting to be, they are all asking the question! Do they sense it?!


My school has had us specialists teaching some reading extra help at the end of the day a few times a week (I know, don't ask).

I was working with a little girl on the word: THIS

She couldn't quite grasp it...and wanted the pronounce the "T" as a hard sound instead of doing the "Th" sound. About ten times...she shouted out (while trying to pronounce it)--"TIT'S!!" I was trying not to giggle, and I held it in, you'd be proud--but I did look around me to make sure no one heard. Because-Ohmygosh a first grader just said TIT'S!


I feel really blessed to receive blog awards. Sometimes I get them and don't always mention them in a post, but trust me, I add them to my sidebar and I am appreciative.

I am grateful to Sare for this "Uplifting Blogger" award. I really appreciate it because although sometimes I post about the pains of recent happenings in my life, I really, really try to be positive. So, thank you.
Next, my sis-in-love, Lyryn gave me this award. Thank you, dear!
With this award I need to list 7 personality traits or facts about myself. I am not going to tag anyone today, because I feel like I've done a lot of that lately. But, here it goes.

1. I am outgoing for the most part. But, there are times (like after school) that I crave being alone. Talking to no one. Just me and my computur or TV.

2. I am sometimes too honest. My family reminds me of this all the time. However, I've come a long way in my "bluntness" over the years. I feel, actually like I'm a different person and have matured a lot.

3. I feel often misunderstood. I don't say things the way I mean them a lot of the time. I don't know? weird.

4. FACT-I wear one pair of jeans almost ALL the time. Tell me I'm gross. I know it, already.

5. FACT-I also hate to shower. Tell me I'm gross, I already know it. I do shower, don't get me wrong. But, ughhh. Showering, then getting all sounds like too much work to me.

6. I wanna be free to be me. Not be cliche, but I'm all about it. Don't conform. Be yourself. After the middle school and high school years are over, you'll look back and think, "Ughhh! why did I act like that?" Cuz seriously. Be the best YOU. I really believe that.

7. I am pretty comfortable in my own skin. Don't get me wrong, I have my insecure moments. I have extra pounds on me. My face isn't always clear. BUT, I know I am loved despite my flaws.


Please don't forget to ENTER THE SCARF SWAP!


  1. I don't feel the energy to shower on the weekends (but I do). Especially if we don't really have much going on, it would be so much easier to just have a jammie day and do nothing!
    Who knew that as we got older, showering would require mass amounts of energy! lol

  2. lol i HATE showering. i would lie to my parents that i had and just become the dirty kid. it was bad.

    i love hearing kids say funny stuff.

    i was going to do a temp on a little girl, the dr had told me i could do it orally if she'd let me so i went into her room and told her i needed to take her temp, while I was getting the thermometer ready i looked over and she'd stuck her little butt up in the air and pulled her pants down. I told her "i can do it in your mouth" and she goes "NO I LIKE IT IN MY BUTT!!!" I nearly laughed my head off!!! her mom Was HORRIFIED!!!

    anyway :)

  3. I teach science and EVERY year the word 'organism' gets read as 'orgasm'. Never fails.

  4. I HATE SHOWERING TOO!!!! It's like SO annoying!! Haha.

  5. I love, love, love the funny things kids say!

    My kids always ask the Mom question. I've begun to dread it actually.

    And I hate showering, too. And I don't apologize for it.

    Again, we're freakishly alike!

  6. Bahhaha... those kids comments cracked me up!! I too, have my favorite one pair of jeans! Congrats on the awards girlie! :)

  7. totally described me in the don't like to shower comment! I hate showering because then it means I have to get ready...and that takes entirely too long! I'd much rather be lazy (and smelly, apparently). LOL!

  8. we are so much alike!

    I could pretty much say something about all 7 of your personality traits because i agree with all of them.

    i pretty much wear the same pair of jeans all the time... i love them but my husband is so over it and even offering to BUY me jeans himself just so i will stop wearing that pair. but i can never find a pair that fits me as good as those!

    i don't mind showering, but i hate going through all the steps to get ready afterwards... it makes me not want to shower lol

    anyway, ya you and me should be bff. haha

  9. This was hilarious. I was doing push in language therapy in a 1st grade classroom the other day and the teacher asked the kids to brainstorm things they could share. The one kid said, "Our beds?" The look on the teacher's face was hilarious.

    I am so not a scarf wearer but I might have to join the swap. :) First time for everything!

  10. I love listening to what kids say!

  11. i just had a conversation with my friend about how much i hate showering!! i specifically straightened my hair today so i do not have to shower this weekend. gross? probably. i take full advantage though! :)

  12. Oh my gosh, I love the comment about Aeropostale! That's hilarious!

    I dislike showering too... mostly because I'm usually too tired to be interested in such effort. I especially hate it if I have to wash my hair. It's such a chore. Ew.

    I also had a favorite pair of jeans! I wore them so much, that I wore them out between the thighs, but my solution was to cut them and make them shorts, and now they are my favorite pair of shorts! lol

  13. I love the funny things kiddos say! I hate showering too and getting ready!!

  14. LOL! The kids quotes are priceless...

    I am with you on the showering and jeans things. I swear, showering, blow dry, straighten, makeup, by the time I'm finished-- I'm exhausted! And, I love my one pair of jeans...who cares if they are worn out with holes.

    Oh yeah- TITS!

  15. Awww kids are so cute! One of my friends is a kindergarten teacher and when she was pregnant, one of her students asked to feel her tummy. When the baby didnt move, he told her "I dont think you're pregnant, I think you're just fat!" :)

    I totally wear the same jeans almost everyday of my life! Haha So I understand where youre coming from with that. Love your blog and can't wait for the scarf swap!!

  16. I love, love, love your kid comments!!! They always make me laugh.

    Yes...I'm a slacker, but eventually I will enter the scarf swap.

  17. Kids CAN sense things... you never know ;)

    wow, I bet you smell really bad. Just joshing. Yeah, I swear the same pair of jeans a LOT before I wash them. Even worse - I wear sports bras at least 3 times to workout in before I wash thoughs. Talk about NASTY. But, I am saving water so sue me!