Monday, September 28, 2009

..this is a [true] puppy story

It was the springtime of 2006 and I was a college student (oh those were the days) with carefree days of class, homework, and whatever else I felt like doing. This day, I happened to be at the tanning salon (Promise--I don't tan anymore-don't send me hate mail!).

I was waiting my turn as it was a hoppin' little place, and I see this 20 something lady come into the tanning place, with a toddler...and the cutest little yorkie pup on a leash. This puppy couldn't have been more then a few months old. The dog came right up to me, and I began to pet this little sweetie and oo and ahh over her.

I instantly started conversation with the girl about this dog (because, we obviously love Yorkie's around here), and it turned out she was the owner of the salon's daughter. She was coming in that day to get all of the dog's belongings and return them. Not only that--she was going to return the dog, herself. She went on to tell me how she couldn't take care of her anymore, and she didn't know what she was thinking by buying her. She had a one-bedroom apartment, no yard, and was too busy chasing a toddler to tend to the sweet pup.

...and my heart melted.


Because inside, I knew...I just knew...I could bring her home to my family and they would love her. She would have a huge, gorgeous backyard to run and play in--and two, yes TWO other Yorkies to play with (at the time...R.I.P Snickers..:) ).

I quickly said, "How much do you want for her?"

[I don't even think I had truly thought this through...and surely, she couldn't live at my college townhouse, because--gahh---my roommates would kill me!]

She named the price.
..and it was a little bit less then she paid a few weeks prior.

I went to the car, called Declan, called my sister (and neither really agreed with me on the decision)...and then walked to WalMart to get cash out.

I took out $500 buckaroo's from my college bank account (a mere fortune at the time!)-picked up my new puppy, and sat in the car with her. I'm pretty sure I shed a tear, because, oh my goodness, "a puppy of my very own!". I named her "Bella" was the first, cute, girly name that came to
mind. It suited her to a "t".

I hadn't asked my parents permission, because, I knew they'd say no. But, my dad is as big of a puppy lover as his dear daughter, and I knew-I just knew that once they saw her face, it would be okay.

After housing Bella for a few days in my college townhouse, the weekend finally rolled around. I got home right before my parents arrived home from work. I had Bella in my arms, and I sunk down in the couch. When my parents walked in the door I (thought) was going to jump up and yell surprise---


I turned into a pile of mush and tears and started bawling and said something to the effect of, "i saved this puppy from a tanning salon, and she's such a good girl, oh please can we keep her, oh please please pleeeeaseee, daddy?! please! just look at her face!"

[My tears were real, although score for me-they really added dramatic effect.]

My dad melted, as I expected. My mom had a firmer stance on the matter, but, again--thought she was the cutest little thing.

They were awesome parents, and kept her at the house for me for a few months. They took care of her every waking day, they fed her (and she was a crazy-food-inhaler at the time), and most of all loved her.

But, it was becoming increasingly harder to have three dogs around. The two girls weren't getting along so well, and it was just causing stress around the house.

My parents knew a really great couple at work who really loved yorkies. They had no children, and were looking for a little love to come join their home. I happened to be away for a 3 month camp traveling around the country at this time. Therefore, I was absolutely no help to the Bella situation, either. The couple at work took Bella for an overnight while my parents went away....

and it was pet-love at first sight.

My parents knew she could get some intense attention, training and love from this family--and geez, my parents already had 2 of their own.

The couple gracefully and joyously "adopted" my Bella.

I'm not gonna lie...I cried...heavy, heavy tears when I found out. But, they are great people....and, and...I gave them a gift.


Since then, we've kept in touch. Bella is well-trained, caring, extremely kissy, and very tender. She still has her adorable "a ru-ru-ru" bark. It's her signature mark.

Currently, (this very second) Declan and I have been dog-sitting Bella in our own home while her parents are off in Key West, Florida celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.

She is a joy and a delight. She and my Mac get along pretty great. They are "boyfriend and girlfriend" (to me at least!)...and I love it.

I am just so grateful that I listened to whatever nudging in me told me go ahead, break the bank...and "save this dog from the tanning salon!". Because, if I had not done that--I wouldn't have ever gotten the privilege of meeting her sweet little face, or been able to light up the life of a couple with this precious gift.

She truly is the story of Cinderella..rags to puppy-form, of course.


  1. yay! so glad you blogged about this. i definitely remember those days of coming home from work and having to run outside with bella for an hour just to try and get rid of her excess energy. oh those were the days. so happy she's in such a loving home now. way to go kater. saving the world, one puppy at a time. :)

  2. Kudos to you..from one dog lover to another.

  3. This is the sweetest story! You really did save Bella and that is so great that she eventually ended up with great doggie parents. I also think that it's so nice that you still get to see her.

  4. what a cute little puppy and a cute story to match!!

  5. Yorkies are really the only little dog that I like. That's a great story. My best friend Gina got her cat in a very similar way! :)

  6. Aww, how sweet! It's great that you're still able to see the dog now too. :)

  7. What a neat story! I just got a Yorkie myself, and she's just the cutest thing. She was fully housetrained, but I guess she forgot, or picked up bad habbits from our little dachshund, because I am having a very hard time with her here. She's just so adorable though, it makes it all worth it.

  8. Great story ~ glad you shared! Reminds me a lot of my true Bella story

  9. Awwwww, she is so cute!! What a great story!

  10. Seriously, best story ever! And look how much love that $500 got you!!! LOL!!! Yorkies are the best. Play Wishful Wednesday and let me know what you wish she could tell you :)

  11. UGGG i love puppies! keep up the awesome posts! I awarded you on my blog. check it out!

  12. What a super precious story!! This makes me want a puppy so badly! Aren't you a little saving grace :)

  13. Awww how cute! I would have done the EXACT same thing. I love puppies so much!

  14. What a gorgeous pup! I wish the new townhouse complex would let us have dogs, because I would get a Yorkie in a second! But alas, no pups for us for a while.

  15. awwww...what a great story... :) I love that you saved her like that! I would have SO done that! I'm a sucker for doggies.. 100% sucker. If they're stray and dont look like they'll attack me, I'll try to coax them to my car.. haha.. THe thought of a pup not having a good home just makes me tear up..