Saturday, October 3, 2009

Be a part of something beautiful ;)

This post is close to my heart, so please read on.

My sister, Susan is a full time missionary, and one of the lands she loves the most is Zambia, Africa. She has spent a lot of time there, loving on the people, helping create jobs by setting up a community center, and being a support system from across the sea when she is home.

She visited a Zambian Deaf School for children just a few months ago. When going through their quarters, she realized that the kids had bunk beds to sleep on, but there were no mattresses--and they were laying on just the wood slats. [To read the story in Susan's words: click here]

It broke my sister's heart to see the simple injustices of the world, and she felt this was an easy need to be met. We want to give all of YOU the opportunity to be a part of being a blessing, and also reaping a blessing.

After all, Jesus called us to lend a hand to those who have less then us.

Prov. 19:17. He who is gracious to a poor man lends to the LORD, and He will repay him for his good deed.

So, it's simple, really:

Each mattress costs $35

They need a total of 38 mattresses for these children

Totaling around $1,330

If you would be willing to give anything...we would SO much appreciate it--and these children will be thrilled beyond belief. Actions speak so much louder then words, eh?

Just click on the "chip-in" icon below and it will take you through the donation process.

**Please comment if you've donated. I will choose one commenter in a few weeks using a random number generator-and that person will receive some Zambian Jewelry from my sister's collection. (I seriously am obsessed with their jewelry--you'll love it, too!)

Thank you so much for your donation--and feel free to spread the word for an awesome cause.


  1. What a great thing your sister is doing. I just donated! Thanks for spreading the word about this great cause!

  2. Oh Katie, I wish I could afford to give even a little, but we are just unable to right now. I love hearing missionary stories (my grandmother was one in Brazil and I know a few in South Africa now) and it's such a wonderful thing your sister is doing. I hope that the goal is not only reached but surpassed. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Katie, I was able to give a little something to the cause. What an inspiring thing your sister is doing.

  4. i would love to do something like this! xx

  5. Awesome Post Katie. I have such a heart for Africa and gladly donated to the cause. Best of luck to your sister. Bless her heart.

  6. that is so awesome! i don't have money right now due to our little surprise! but, as soon as we get paid again I know where my "extra" money is going! so keep this up for a while! :)

  7. Hmmm, this post never showed up in my reader! Boo!

    I wish I could donate some money, but we just can't afford to right now.

    What amazing things your sister is doing! I will be praying for her and for the children! :)

  8. Of course I will donate! What a great cause! I'll post this on my blog site too, I hope your sister can reach her goal!

  9. Just donated! Your sister is doing something amazing :)

  10. Just donated. God bless your sister for her selflessness!

  11. just donated.. what an awesome thing your sister is doing for those kids!! :)

  12. Glad I was able to help a little bit!