Thursday, October 8, 2009

A little Thankful Thursday Action

I'm so thankful for a healthy pregnancy so far, despite all the horrendous sickness. Amazing how someone an inch big can mess with one's body so drastically.

I'm thankful for motivation [and praying mine returns soon...I'm sooo exhausted!]

I'm thankful for my new blog layout-it went from drab to fab. Thank you, hubby.

I'm thankful for medication that makes my life a little bit easier these days.

I'm thankful for sanitizer for hands and desks, for without it I'd be going even more crazy trying to keep the swine flu away from my classroom. [I've been totally freaked lately, yo'. You would too if you encountered 900 kids in a matter of 6 days--germ central.]

I'm thankful for Campbells Vegetable Beef Soup, because without it, I'd be going hungry. I pretty much hate everything right now.

I'm thankful for my husband, who seriously tends to my odd needs in this weird phase of my life (called: 1st trimester). Although he refers to it as the child stage (no, not "with child", acting like a child)...I get it, and I know why. I am difficult. Picky. Cannot figure out what the heck I want to eat. Ever. I never cook anymore. and, I'm just Annoying. [Example A: Tonight at a pizza shop I only wanted to eat the crust of the pizza. So, I made him give me all his, I insisted. That's what I wanted, and what I ate. He loves me despite all this...I think.] :)

I'm thankful for Thursday night TV....its lame, I know. But gahhh...Jim and Pam are getting hitched tonight. Go.Watch.Now.
...need I mention:
Parks and Recreation
Flash Forward

On that note--the DVR is calling.


  1. You're almost through it! Hang in there! It will get better after 12 weeks.

    And eat all the crusts you want! You're carrying a baby! You deserve it!

  2. What a wonderful list of things to be thankful for. I truly hope your next trimester is much easier for you.

  3. BTW, the blog does look fab! Very nice!

  4. I'm watching The Office right now!!! Very excited about the wedding :)

  5. My DVR is calling my name, and my husband is hogging it with THREE baseball games that are all forever long .... ugh!

  6. it sho is fab.. I may be biased though. It looks like my living room with all the brown and turquise. Love it!
    Loved the Jim and Pam wedding tonight as well. You comment above how something so small can mess with your body so much reminded me of Dwight's rant on Pam's fetus. Quite possibly the funniest opening to the show yet!

  7. haha this was too cute! I hope your pregnancy sickness gets better soon!

  8. Just saw that you are expecting again! Congrats I am so happy for you and Declan. Hope you start feeling better soon...creating a human can be a little taxing on the body but it's so worth it!

  9. I love Fringe too! Though, I'm behind a week.

    I also love Bones!

  10. Despite all the sickness :( I am so glad that the baby is doing great :)

    Also, love the new blog design, totally cute!!!

  11. Hey! I just nominated you for an award!

  12. i can remember exactly what stage you are at! man it's so frustrating because you know you HAVE to eat but NOTHING sounds good at all! and then if something does sound good once you get it or make it the moment passes. I swore after my first trimester if I ever at another saltine cracker again it would be too soon! The thought of them still makes me cringe.

    So glad you and baby are healthy though! Hopefully your sickness will pass soon!

  13. :) Your pregnancy makes me smile!!

    What a fab list you have there - Crust of the Pizza eh? If I liked pizza, that would be my least favorite part, lol.

  14. What a great list, it's important to appreciate the small things and a husband that will spoil you right now. =)

  15. lol! the crust thing made me laugh! :)

    Hang in there! It's WELLLLL worth it! So excited for you!

  16. I do the crust thing and I'm not even pregnant!


  17. Great thankful things!! Don't worry, I made it through the first trimester and so will you (don't you just love it when people you don't know feel free to give you all sorts of advice and useless platitudes just because they have had a baby-I try not to be one of those people, but my theory is that once motherhood happens to you, you just can't stop yourself!)

    Thursday night tv is the best....I waited for that wedding for five years!!

  18. Aw, I loved this! I might have to steal your idea for next week... If that's ok! :)
    When I was pregnant, I stopped cooking too. Everything grossed me out...and I mean everything. I lived on yogurt for 3 months! :)

  19. I love your Thankful Thursday post! I might just have to join in on the thankfulness.

    I'm Sarah, btw. I am one of your scar swap participants and found you through my friend, Jackie - The Roaring Twenties.

    Love your blog ... come by and check mine out sometime.


  20. For most people it really does get better after the first trimeter, so hang in there girly! One of my best friends just had a baby, but when she was in her first trimester, she couldn't eat anything either, and yes, she was just a tad annoying the heck out of everyone, but we still loved her a lot :-)
    And I'm always thankful for tv and dvr :-)

  21. Girl, I would say right now your thankful list is pretty huge :)