Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some Baby B stats and such.

After my OB appointment yesterday...I figured...what the heck.
I will not be doing this weekly, but I figured at least a few times I will.

How far along?
15 weeks, 4 days. Hooray for being in week 16.

Total weight gain: As of my appointment yesterday, I've gained exactly zero pounds. I had lost one, then gained it back. According to my weight from previous pregnancy, however, I'm still under. That won't last long, though.

Maternity clothes? Jeans, yes. Still getting by with work pants using a belly band (which you all know I loathe). I can't really get away with it for long. Shirts...pretty much all my normal tops.

15 weeks

Sleep: It's going. I get a very sore, achey back when I sleep which is no fun. I have trouble sleeping in. I am waking up SHOCKED on days when I didn't get up to pee! It's amazing. Much better then the 1st trimester.

Best moment this week: Hearing Baby B's heartbeat yesterday. It was in the 150's.

Movement: Nothing recognizable yet. I'm waiting to feel the so called "bubble" sensation. I think it will be a few more weeks. I don't like to make up anything in my head, therefore, when I know, I'll KNOW. You know? ;)

Gender: Only a few more weeks....and I can't wait.

Labor Signs: Umm? No. That would be very, very bad.

Belly Button in or out? No changes, although I dreamed about belly buttons last night. It was really weird now that I think about it.

What I miss: Hormones not getting the best of my skin. I also miss just feeling normal and good. It has been over 12 weeks now that I've felt, I'm ready for that to end.

Weekly Wisdom: I'm just enjoying my time with my husband...just us. Things are going to change, and we know that. But, we'll embrace all that. For now, though--we'll enjoy being just the two of us with a little person in the belly.

Milestones: So far? Getting out of the 1st trimester....hearing Baby B's heartbeat a few times....scheduling my 20 week gender ultrasound ;)


  1. COngrats on hearing a healthy heartbeat

  2. aww congrats! that's great to hear!! I'm still so excited for you! :)

  3. So super exciting! I am so glad yall are wanting to know the sex of baby b! I cannot wait to find out!! :) So happy for you guys xx

  4. Wooo! What a great Christmas present having that gender ultrasound will be!

  5. I know that heartbeat is music to your ears!!
    I'm leaving you an award on my blog this morning!

  6. I had a dream about my belly button a few nights ago! It was horrible, I had a dream it had popped out and was big like a hernia or something, red and squishy. So gross. Also, I'm stealing this little questionnaire thing!!

  7. Glad things are going well! I'm sure you loved hearing the heartbeat! I am excited for you to find out wheher Baby B is a boy or a girl ;)

  8. SO exciting. I loved all of my OB appts. I wish I kept a log like this!

  9. Awesome! I love your little progress reports :)

    I'm so excited for you, girl!!

  10. I love the updates and your belly is getting cuter and cuter!!!!! :)

  11. yay for 15 weeks
    ....and heartbeats
    ....and sleeping
    ....and feeling maybe movements
    ....and being in the next trimester!


  12. You're such an adorable pregnant mama!

  13. aww ur belly pics are so cute! I can't imagine how excited you guys are, its so neat! I can't wait to hear if its a girl or boy! ps...maternity clothes are so cute now, ur lucky! my mom said they were HIDEOUS when she was pregnant with me!!!

  14. aww ur belly pics are so cute!!! I can't even imagine how excited you guys are, its so neat! I can't wait to hear if its a boy or a girl! you're so lucky maternity clothes are really cute now, my mom said they were HIDEOUS when she was pregnant with me!!

  15. So fun! I can't wait till 20 weeks!

  16. aww congrats on hearing a heartbeat of your little baby!! I'm so happy for y'all!

  17. I love the survey. I find the entire process fascinating so you have to keep doing it!

  18. Awww the belly is super cute! Love the updates!