Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Check off another day

As a teacher, we tend to always look ahead on our district calendar to scope out our upcoming days off. Okay, I won't speak for all--but, at least this is what I do.

It'll go something like this, 'Okay...we have two more 5 day weeks, and then a 4 day weekend! woohoo! Make it can do it.' [My self-pep talks.]

Lame, I know. But, they are shorter goals to work for rather then the normal just wait for summer vacation...crossing 180 days off the calendar. That's just too long for me. [For those of you who work 12 months out of the year, stop laughing.]

Besides, who doesn't like a day off?

So, with that said...I've looked ahead. I am SO stoked that our next big break is THANKSGIVING.

I am also extremely pumped that we get a half day before Thanksgiving (to bake my homemade apple pie), Thanksgiving Day off (duh), Black Friday off (to do appropriate shopping-aka: midnight sale at the outlets. Love it.), and then, the Monday after Thanksgiving off.


Then we're back to school for 3 weeks, and off again for 2 for Christmas. Who can complain about that?

I am so looking forward to it.

On that note-I love Thanksgiving. LOVE. IT.

In fact, suddenly, all my nausea goes away when I think about the aromas that come from my mommy's kitchen on that day. Pure heaven.

Some of my must have's on Thanksgiving are:

well, Turkey...obviously. (cooked in whatever way my mom was inspired that year...always delish)
my homemad
e mashed potatoes (absolutely divine. Recipe from a good old friend from Oceana, West Virginia...a place you'll probably never, ever go.)
green bean casserole
pineapple stuffing (only in the last year or so did I realize how awesome this stuff is...)
green olives (just a few for taste...I have no idea when I began to like them...but I prefer them on thanksgiving, thank you.)
traditional stuffing
apple pie and/or pumpkin roll

now, don't get me wrong...that is what's on MY plate at Thanksgiving. We have more things then that adorning the table, usually. However, they are my must-haves.

And now? I'm drooling.

And all I have to munch on are Goldfish.

Well I'm off to go check off another day on the calendar until Thanksgiving break.

14.5 school days to be exact.

What are some of your Thanksgiving must-haves?


  1. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. All this food talk is making me hungry, haha!!

  2. I'm the same way and I'm not a teacher. My daughter just loves school and always wants to know the weeks that are short (it sort of upsets her) and since I babysit for a teacher, I like knowing what days I'll have with just my own kids. It is much easier than trying to countdown 180 days!

  3. Mmm...Thanksgiving food! I look at days off and I'm not a teacher so I don't blame you!

    Also, if you get Veteran's Day off you'll have a break mid-week next week. :)

  4. Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday. No lie. Food. I like, love, adore food. I can't wait!! Bring on the count down for sure!

  5. My Thanksgiving must have is white bread and mayo. Because I am def. going to be eating a turkey sandwich (or 12) at some point over the holiday. Is it wrong that I LOVE leftovers?

  6. I've never had pineapple stuffing or heard of it for that matter. Must check that out! Thanks!

    I have to have sweet potato casserole on Thanksgiving!

  7. Oh my tummy is growling now!!

    One of my must haves is homemade mac and cheese... Gooey and buttery and yummy. Oh I cannot wait for thanksgiving!! :)

  8. I love sweet potato casserole--sooo yummy!

    I am excited about Thanksgiving too--all the food-and fullness--and football---yummmmm

  9. I love sweet potato casserole--sooo yummy!

    I am excited about Thanksgiving too--all the food-and fullness--and football---yummmmm

  10. Thanksgiving is my husband favorite holiday too!! so cute! I must have his turkey. AMAZING!!

  11. Even though I’m not a teacher, I do the same thing with my work schedule and am also looking forward to the Thanksgiving break. I cannot wait to visit my aunt’s on turkey day and eat all of that delicious food and catch up with family. Black Friday is also a big one for us. We camped out a few years ago just to get our TV. What outlets do you go to? That is not a bad idea at all!

    I am so excited the Phils won last night. Maybe they can win this after all!!!

    P.S. Green bean casserole and pineapple stuffing are 2 of my favorites too!

  12. that all sounds so delicious right now! at least it's only 3 weeks away!

  13. I know it may sound so gross, but my mom makes something called oyster dressing (we called stuffing, dressing here in the midwest). It is so delish!! I am really interested in this pineapple stuffing you mention! Do you have the recipe, if so I would love to try it. Let me know and I can get you my email address.

    BTW, I work 12 months a year, it's no fun, a lot of my friends are teachers and I always give them a hard time, but secretly I know how hard it must be. Seriously you have to be on your "A" game all the time. You can't just sit at your desk all day if you are having a bad day like I can. Ok so this is the longest commment ever. Whoops.

  14. I do the same thing - counting down until a day off. I've got 16 days until we pack up and head to my mom's for Turkey!

    But we do something special - since the family is only together once per year, we do everyone's birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas exchange within a 72 hour period. Makes for holiday overload but this way we get to see everyone open up their presents! I'm definitely looking forward to that.

  15. Katie, you forgot Kesh's Sweetpotato casserole. Yumm yummm
    I am so Thankful for my family which really makes Thanksgiving the best day ever!! Thank you Jesus!!

  16. I totally count down the weeks until I get a break too! I teach second grade. =) 180 days is far too many days to count down. I didn't realize Thanksgiving break was so close! Thanks for the reminder!

  17. I know exactly what you mean about counting the days to a holiday! That's totally what I do! I think we have the same amount of days left, except we don't get Monday after Thanksgiving off! That would be nice!

    My must-haves: turkey, sweet potato casserole, dressing, mac n' cheese, cranberry sauce, and pie (any kind!)!!! I can't wait to stuff my face!

  18. Oh, we definitely ALL do that. I'm constantly pushing for the next long weekend. It keeps me sane!

  19. i just came over from perks of being a jap but when you commented about Oceana, WV, I about crapped my pants. I spent my freshman year at Concord in Athen, WV and I met a few people from Oceana. Small small world!