Saturday, November 14, 2009

Let's talk sex *repost*

Sex as in gender, that is. Why does everyone's mind always go there. Come on now.

As any expecting mother (especially for the first time) would be, we are CURIOUS about gender of the little bean growing within. It seems to be a topic of conversation every way I turn. They say mothers have an intuition, and sometimes I'm sure that's true. I have a gut feeling, but I know that feeling is just that...a feeling. It could be wrong. I find myself day dreaming about the excitement of a little girl and clouding my vision I see hair bows, fluffy skirts, pony tails, and every shade of nail polish coceivable. Two minutes later, I dream about my possible little boy, my little man...the potential of me being the only female in the house with 'my boys' (mac included), and I get tickled.

Right now, in this moment...I truly and honestly don't mind whether we're blessed with a little princess or a little dude. We are one of those couples who wants to find out the sex (for all of you who can wait...don't judge.). I just honestly could not bare the thought of waiting all those weeks. Besides, I'm a teacher...we like to be prepared. :)

So, I won't be left guessing for long--another 4 weeks or so. Right now I'll just busy myself with the gender prediction tests online, I'll analyze every craving, I'll compare with friends and family, and I'll read about the old wives tales. But, in the end...we'll be beside-ourselves-happy with whatever, or should I say whomever it is we're blessed with.

*This blog was originally written in June with my 1st pregnancy. However, it's the same thoughts I have now. (I had to change some of it!) I have a lot of new readers since then, so I decided on a repost for this lazy saturday.


  1. I was SURE Logan was a girl. I called him Isabella for 20 weeks. ;)

  2. You know my vote:) And I'm stickin' to it!

  3. I vote boy - just because I know sooo many people having girls right now, probability says eventually someone will be having a boy! I remember waiting for the gender u/s though - i actually cheated and went to a 3D scan at 18wks because my OB makes you wait til 21 wks at least and I am so impatient. haha. Can't wait to see who's in there!!

  4. I day dreamed about a girl, but my first real dream was a boy. It was my gut feeling and we found out for sure at 15 weeks it was a little man. I'm thrilled I had a boy first!

  5. So do you have a 'feeling' one way or the other? How about Declan?
    I think you and Lyryn are both going to have girls and they are going to be best friends :-)

  6. I'm feeling it's a girl!

    P.S. I have a surprise for you on my blog :)

  7. i would definitely want to find out too! Vince and I have already agreed to find the sex whenever we get pregnant, no way could i wait! haha... I'm excited to find out what your little baby will be :)

  8. are so having a girl!

    I'm so excited for you katie!!!


  9. I would want to find out asap too when I'm pregnant. I think it's a girl...

  10. there is NO way I could not find out!! I read that at 10 weeks all the gender telling parts are formed ;) I'll be 10 weeks and 2 days at my appt tomorrow so I'm going to have my doc look SUPER hard! haha. I'm just thankful he does an ultrasound every time!!