Friday, November 27, 2009

The longest day I've maybe ever a good, good way.

I always wondered what it would be like to be up for 24 hours straight, being semi-productive and all. I mean, I've done those lock-in events as a kid...and stayed up. That's fun. But, this? This...this...insanity called Black much, much different.

We snuck in a little snooze after all the Thanksgiving festivities yesterday, and we were out the door around 12:15am. Declan and I, that is. We had a goal. To get some Christmas shopping started. To achieve some sort of Christmas motivation. To spend time together. Whatever you want to call it...we did it. This was my 4th year of the midnight madness, and his third. So, we're pretty much champs at this.

But this year? After having a pretty successful shopping trip--we came home around 5:30am, and yes, I'll admit, we took a few hour snooze. But--BUT-after that,we just kept on truckin'. We got breakfast out at our favorite spot. We did some major projects around the house. We took on cleaning out and organizing the garage (for pete's sake!), we hung a big floating shelf in the man cave that was long overdue, we moved a desk down to the basement, we got out Christmas Decorations....

Oh boy.

Christmas Decorations.

Oh how I love and dread this task.

The decorations had to be put up, but the house had to be cleaned. So, it was a major multi-tasking-type day. At times, there were boxes and big rubbermaids all over my floor and I couldn't move. My dog was found chewing on something glittery or fake pine needles countless times. Then, throw in an 8pm trip to chick-fil-a because, Crap---DINNER! and then a stop at the famous Christmas tree shops for little odds and ends. It was a heck of a day.


The kitchen got a SPARKLY cleaning job (thanks hubby....).

The Christmas decor is OUT. Completely.

The carpets are, no more puppy chewing on sharp objects. Nice.

1 of the 3 bathrooms got a good cleaning.

The other 2 got a toilet scrub. [Give me a break...its late.]

There are clean, NEW [700 thread count, a Target SCORE last night!] sheets on the bed.

...which are calling my name by the way.

So, I leave you at midnight (yup...a 24 hour day for me...being awake for MOST of it) with a *few* pictures. My Christmas decorations are spread everywhere throughout the house, so I'll just show you some. I have quite a nice collection now. I feel so old. I love it!

ps: I decided to "wrap" my canvas's this year to add to the decor. I think it's cute. Am I in love with it? Not sure...but it works.

pss: Pictures of the outside to come. We even wrapped our deck in lights. I feel extremely ahead of the game this year. Two points for us.

psss: for those of you who were so kind about my morning sickness post...THANK you. I'm almost afraid to say this out loud...err...type this...but, I've felt really, really decent the last few days. I even thorougly enjoyed all of Thanksgiving without a trace of nausea. I think, gals...I may have seen the worse of it. ::ducking my head and running now!::



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  2. WOW...where did all that energy come from...I could use some of that ;-) Love all the decorations BEAUTIFUL!!! (very creative with the canvas-love it!!!)

  3. Wow! You guys were super productive! Christmas decorating starts at our house today! I really like the wrapped canvas idea! Such a festive way to sparkle up your pics!

  4. Sounds like a crazy day, but it looks like it was worth it! The decorations look lovely :)

  5. What a day/night! Your house looks awesome :)

    That's awesome Mr. Morning Sickness stayed away for Thanksgiving. Crossing my fingers it's gone for good!!

  6. Your home looks very festive. I rather like the canvas wrapped.

  7. First of all let me just address this very productive 24 hours you just had. You are officially my hero. That is all.
    Your house looks spectacular! I especially love the picture that shows the banister and the tree together. Picture perfect!

  8. Your house looks great! You did a fabulous job. I might have to take some photos of ours too! :)

  9. The decorations are gorgeous! Love the pic of the steps and tree. :)

  10. So those wrapped canvas cuties are fabulous! What a great idea! &&& super easy and cost-effective! :)

    That tree is beautiful! Way to get into the spirit!

  11. Your decorations look great! What a pretty tree.

  12. i love your christmas decorations! :)

  13. I love the wrapped canvas. Your tree looks fabulous!

  14. Everything looks great! I'm worn out just reading about your day LOL

  15. I am in awe of your mad shopping skillz. IMPRESSIVE!

    And those decorations? So pretty!

  16. Your christmas decor is absolutely beautiful!!!!! :)