Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

We did not get into bed at 8:45pm on a Friday night. That's seriously something an 80 year old couple would do. We were not that exhausted from a long week.

My belly did not grow or change shape this week. It is not more round now. I am not secretly excited to have a little somethin'-somethin', but still waiting for my time to "pop".

Last weeks.............................this weeks
13 weeks 14 weeks

I did not get through an entire day with no anti-nausea meds and ZERO puking on Friday. I was not ecstatic and think that I.AM.FINALLY.FREE! I was not quickly reminded the next day (bright and early, and then later again after dinner) that indeed, I am not in the clear yet.

I did not get overly excited about maternity-clothes shopping and proclaim, "This is so much better than any other type of shopping!! Everything fits the first time!" (Thank you elastic and stretch waists, etc.)

I did not get to take home everything I tried on and liked because my mother is oh-so-generous and wanted to bless me. [Love you, momma!]

I did not rejoice with Declan for scoring Eagles tickets. I was not thrilled he got this opportunity to go to the Eagles vs. Cowboys (boo!) game. He was not stoked all Saturay night, and he did not repeatedly say, "I'm going an EAGLES game!!"

I did not make him snap a quick picture to document this day. I did not act like a mother on the first day of school for a kindergartener.

I did not get motivated from this post and put away all that dreaded laundry. I do not feel good about finally being able to walk in my bedroom without tripping over bra's and underwear.

I did not cry, no, bawl my eyes out when I read that post to Declan in the car on Sunday on our way home from church.

I did not get filled with more emotion (can we say hormones?) when I read your comments. [Thank you dear friends.]

I was not terribly disappointed when I found out the health care bill passed at the first level. I do not think it's the dumbest thing ever and will quite possibly ruin us, and let elderly people die because, "they've lived a good life". I am not disgusted with this philosophy.

I did not get the phone number of one of my best blogging friends ever and we did not text message each other. I was not over-the-moon about this. :)

I do not wish this week was a 4 day work week.

I do not dread Monday's.

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  1. You're looking so cute!!! I love the baby belly! :-)

    I too am so afraid of this new bill.... I have grandparents in their 80's who, from time to time, need something such as a new hip..... But will instead be told, I'm sorry you're too old and we should give it to this young 70 year old instead because they are worth more than you at this point. It makes me sick and I am so sad and scared for our country to have to go through this.... I'm afraid once we get there, it will be far too hard to get to where we are with the health care system.

    I hope you have a great day today and don't get sick once!! :-)

  2. so I guess the eagles DID NOT lose to the cowboys ;) GO COWBOYS!

  3. You are so adorable! It just makes me smile :)

    SO excited for you that ya'll got EAGLES tickets!! I LOOOOVE them!

    Glad you had a great and blessed weekend!!!!


  4. I Loved your last post and This one too!! I love that people are being so real about things...I love it!! thanks for sharing!!

  5. Your belly is so cute. Enjoy it now when it's small...but 'popping' will be so fun for you!! Keep posting seeing the belly.

  6. That belly keeps getting cuter and cuter!!! :)

  7. yes, this new bill FREAKS me out. i do not like it. not one bit.

    your belly is ADORABLE!!!!! your def starting to pop! how fun!! :)

    i hope this week goes fast and I hope your one day of freedom wasn't the only one I hope you get at least 3 this week!!! :)

  8. You are too cute! And I voted that I think it's a girl!

  9. Very fun not me's! :)
    Congrats on your little life and your progress--even if it looks little now. :)

    My brothers are Eagle's they would not be joining in the jolly festivities if such a blessing would be bestowed upon them!

  10. The Eagles game was such a let down. I didn't find out that they lost until this morning, which didn't help my Monday. Are you going to post some of your new outfits?

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  12. You are showing my dear! YAY! Oh and I'm so happy that you got maternity clothes! So fun!

  13. I did some research on the bill, and I think some of the hype is just that...hype. But I tend to be a bit more ...ahem...liberal. So who knows if what I am listening to is valid.

    Love the belly. You are ridiculously cute.

    I keep thinking how fun it would be to get some of my BBFF (best blog friends forever)'s cell numbers! So fun!!

  14. The baby bump is cuter this week!
    BTW, I did the imperfections post today. That was hard to put out there.

  15. Look how cute!!! And glad to hear the laundry is put away... Mine isn't. BUT I did make dinner tonight!

  16. Grow, Baby, grow!!! Your belly is way too cute!! :)

  17. you are so cute:) has a new maternity should check it out!

  18. Love the bump! I couldn't wait til I popped either, and I'm telling you it comes so suddenly, one day there's just the normal larger-than-normal-ness and the next it's a round little BUMP! Haha. Maternity shopping is BY FAR the best :)

  19. I remember how nice it was to walk into a maternity store and everything fit easily....those were good days! :)

    On health care bill......I totally agree!!

  20. I'm kind of obsessed with your precious baby belly.

    Also, FYI: Don't buy preggo leggings when you're not pregnant.

    Turns out, that gamble I took...NOT. GOOD. (I'll post on it tomorrow.)

    Text ya later;)

  21. Oh holy CUTENESS! Seriously, that bump is adorable. I can't wait to watch it grow!

  22. Love it! With my 1st pregnancy, on New years eve, we were in bed by 8:30. We heard people yelling at midnight, rolled over, said happy new year and kept right no snoring :)